Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Texas Proposes "No Gays" Adoption Law

There is a lot of stuff happening on the large political stage right now... but let's not lose sight on some of the other battles being fought.

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TEXAS: A bill introduced on Saturday in the Republican controlled legislature,  but scheduled to be voted on next week, would allow for adoption agencies to reject Jewish, Muslim, Gay, single, or interfaith couples. 

You might think we are just talking about religious organizations (like Catholic Charities) who are already allowed to discriminate this way in several states.

But no.

This bill would allow the rejection to extend to state funded agencies.

Once again: state funded agencies would be allowed to discriminate against Jewish, Muslim, gay, sing, and interfaith people in terms of adoptions. (South Dakota has similar horrible allowances)

Republican sponsors of Texas' bill say it is designed to support the religious freedom of adoption agencies and foster care providers. Many of the agencies are private and faith-based but, again, they receive state funds. 

Opponents correctly point out that this bill robs children of stable homes while funding discrimination with taxpayer dollars. 

"This would allow adoption agencies to turn away qualified, loving parents who are perhaps perfect in every way because the agency has a difference in religious belief," said Catherine Oakley, senior legislative counsel for the Human Rights Campaign. "This goes against the best interest of the child." 

The bill also blatantly violates the Constitution, Oakley added. 

"As a governmental entity, Texas is bound to treat people equally under the law," said Oakley. "This is a violation of equal protection under the law." 

But wait! It gets worse!

Not only could agencies turn away hopeful parents under the religious freedom provision, but they could require children in the foster care system to comply with their faith-based requirements, said Bryant. 

That means child welfare organizations could send LGBT kids to conversion therapy, a treatment designed to turn people straight - which the Pan American Health Organization calls a "serious threat to the health and well-being of affected people." 

More than 100 children died in Texas child protective services last year alone, when a judge had already ruled that the system violated youngsters' constitutional rights by leaving them more troubled when they left the system than when they entered it.

This proposal is just one of 24 pending bills in the Texas Legislature that LGBT advocates say encourage discrimination.

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