Friday, May 19, 2017

Open Letter to Fresno Unified School District

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On behalf of Gay Central Valley and the cpmmunity we serve, we want to thank you for inviting our feedback into Fresno Unified School District’s current superintendent search.

According to the most recent California Healthy Kids Survey, 23% of our youth do not identify as “straight.” LGBT youth have higher rates of drug and alcohol abuse, higher rates of being victims of bullying, of depression, of dropping out of school, and of suicide.

We would encourage FUSD to choose a superintendent candidate who will be willing to do a CCT with us, who is on record of supporting the LGBT+ community, and who is willing to represent the needs of all FUSD students. 

We all know that representation matters, especially to youth. We strongly believe that our youth will be best served by knowing that they have an ally at the top of the food chain and seeing the practical effects of a leader who is accepting and supportive,

We also believe that Fresno Unified School District is uniquely poised to be able to combat the high rates of LGBT youth feeling disconnected and unhappy in their school environments through ongoing Cultural Competency Trainings (Diversity Trainings) offered to teachers, staff, and administrators. 

Fresno's ciriculum should reflect the specific health and safety needs of the LGBT+ community. Promotional materials should showcase a variety of family types. Schools should encorage the creation of GSA clubs and organizations.

Thank you again for meeting with us. We look forward to continuing our community involvement with FUSD and to meeting the next Fresno Unified School district Superintendent.

Gay Central Valley board of Directors. 

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