Tuesday, May 16, 2017

INTERVIEW: Naomi Hendrix

Naomi operates Raw Fresno, a healthy alternative food truck that uses no processing or preservatives. After tragedy and necessity turned her life in a different direction, she decided to share what she’s learned with others. Her philosophy is to get rid of what she calls the standard American diet and eat more naturally. I asked her about her business and her journey…

How did you get involved in the vegan/raw movement?

I was diagnosed with dysbiosis which is candida in the intestines my doctor Sue Stone said go gluten-free sugar-free dairy-free vinegar free soy-free yeast free... This was just three years after my young son of 21 years passed away with celiac disease. Unbeknownst to me I passed it down through my genes

What can people expect from your food. Is there anything processed? Preservatives?

Everything is fresh locally grown organic the only processing we do is the use of a knife for chopping, a mandolin for shredding, food processor for the nut pate's a Vitamix for the dressings & smoothies, a dehydrator to dry crackers under 118 degrees so that the enzymes are available......heat kills nutrition.

What do you say to people who want to eat healthier but simply can’t find the time?

Find out where my truck is & pick up food for 3 days or go on my website rawfresno.com order ahead have it delivered,.

What are some things you can suggest to busy people that will make it easier to start to change the way they eat?

Cut out everything white in your current diet. Flour, milk, rice, potatoes, bread, replace with colorful foods.

If someone wants to make the first step in eating healthier, what would you suggest?

Add a green smoothie every morning for 30 days it will change /lower all your numbers. 


Food trucks are everywhere right now. Is the competition overwhelming compared to what it used to be?

There is no food truck in the Central Valley that is compared to Raw Fresno. They all carry the SAD Standard American diet....that is not healthy and not helpful for your body. After lunch you will go back to work and fall asleep. If you eat food from our truck you will have energy into the evening get all your work done and have fun too.

What’s one of the more touching experiences you’ve had once people have stepped out of their comfort zone to try natural food?

I have people contact me every day thanking me for providing this nutrient dense food that is healing, flavorful and delicious it's not just for digestive disorders I have omnivore Foodies that choose to eat Raw Fresno food over any other food trucks because it makes them feel so good and they get so much accomplished after just one meal. 


What’s the hottest item on your truck at the moment?

Chefs choice combo meals

Veggie pizza

Caribbean Taco

Farmers market Wrap

Do you see healthier alternatives popping up in these food truck gatherings?



Where can people find you to try your food?

Wed.@ Kaiser farmers market 9-2

Thursday Carthop Fulton mall 11-2

Friday Valley Children's farmers market 10-2

Kristina's Natural Ranch Market 1st & Barstow

Hope thru Empowerment Wellness Center 1st & Bullard

Order online RawFresno.com

Will you be at the Pride Festival this year on June 3rd?


You can find the Raw Fresno food truck at various locations and events throughout Fresno, and online at rawfresno.com. Visit her store here Raw Fresno Online Store

Find Raw Fresno on Facebook HERE

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