Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Writers/Artists Wanted for Youth Focused Publication

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Calling Artists and Writers!

Join Gay Central Valley is supporting the efforst of Arisbeth Manzo from Ceasar E Chavez Middle School in Planada and her project for the 20% Project.

The 20% project is a project in which students dedicate 20% of thier week to a topic of thier choice. Arisbeth's project is on raising awareness and respect for the LGBTQ+ community in Planadas. She is going to be creating a magazine or newspaper for distrubtion it on Community Day (May 13th).

This is a call for all you creative types out there to contribute!

Arisbeth is looking for stories or short articles (aim for 600 words) about anything LGBTQ+ related. Topics could be about how to be a good ally, your coming out story, advice to younger LGBT people, or a comic featuring a non-straight character.

All submissions should be appropriate for a wide, younger, audience and be all original creations. 

Deadline is: May 5th.

Email submissions to Kaylia at

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