Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Aidan Park is a Comic and Actor originally from San Francisco and now based in Los Angeles.

Aidan performs comedy at some of the most respected comedy clubs in Hollywood including Comedy Store, Hollywood Improv and has a monthly show "COMEDY REALNESS" at the Hollywood Laugh Factory as well as Laugh Factory Long Beach. Aidan tours all over the country headlining for respected comedy clubs, fundraisers, parades.

Aidan is also an actor and proud member of Actor's Equity Association and Screen Actor's Guild. His Tv/Film appearances include Comedy Central, Tosh.0, NBC, TV Guide Channel, and Hulu TV. 

Aidan will be appearing in Fresno this Friday, April 7th, at the Galleria Building, 2405 Capitol Street, Fresno, CA 93721. 559-470-3306. 


What's your favorite subject as a comedian?

Reality television definitely! How can you NOT make fun of reality TV? There is so much fodder as there are lots of people doing ridiculous things!!

Just how much does the current administration help you and your fellow comedians these days and who is your favorite "character" in the White House?

I have to say I TRRRYYYYY to avoid political humor because a lot of comics do it. But I did have to make a bit about the "pussy grabbing" incident! I think my favorite character in the White House is Melania cause she DOES NOT GIVE A DAMN. I'd be mad too if I thought I was marrying into money and all of a sudden I had to be a role model for all Americans... PUH LEEZE

Which comedians do you turn to when you need a good laugh?

I've always looked up to Margaret Cho! We are both from San Francisco, Korean, Queer and I got to do a show with her a few months back! So I would say I listen to her when I need a good laugh.

What's the worse travel experience you've had when you're touring?

Okay so I was in Salem, Oregon... Our motel had HUUGE BEDBUGS I was eaten alive. When I went to complain to the lobby in the middle of the night, I was informed that there were NO OTHER ROOMS available. So then I called corporate HQ (Comfort inn) to see if I can find another hotel to stay... The nearest one was 60 miles away and they told me to drive there and stay for the night... When we checked in the Clerk said.. "umm can you check your stuff to make sure you are not tracking those things in" I COULD HAVE CLOCKED HIM.

Then the next morning, we were kicked out (we were supposed to be there for 2 days) because THAT hotel was full, and also apparently it was the "fancy" brand of hotels... so we were charged for the difference!

So then I decided to use to opportunity to "see the sights of Salem" and it RAINED SO HARD. I was wet all day and had to change in the car.. That was pretty bad.

How does your childhood influence your comedy?

Tons! I was born in Korea, moved into section 8 housing of san francisco, being gay in an inner-city school that was fun...

How have you seen the state of LGBT comedy change?

Lucky for me I started standup comedy in 2012 so I didn't experience a lot of backlash or any kind of discrimination... I am SUPER grateful to those gay comics and lgbt rights activists who have paved the way for people like me to be who I want to be! It is a good time to be gay indeed... Yes the whole Trump admin is a setback but there have always been setbacks and we always come back stronger than ever!!

If you could be invisible and listen in to any conversation in the world, who would you want to share a room with?

You know what? I would like to listen in on when Kim Jong Un of North Korea and find out his food allergies so i can find a way to kill that terrible man. I know... Dark...

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