Monday, February 27, 2017

INTERVIEW: Eliza Gibson Returns to The Rogue Festival

Bravo 25, a show by Eliza Gibson, will be at The Rogue Festival here in Fresno’s Tower District, at Mia Cuppa Café, March 3-11th. See the Facebook Event Page HERE. For dates and times check out the Facebook page or visit  

Tell us about your history with The Rogue Festival in Fresno.

I premiered my last show, And Now, No Flip Flops?! at the Rogue Festival two years ago. People in Fresno are so friendly, great audiences, and the festival is an incredible opportunity to see shows and spend time with other solo performers. As I was getting Bravo 25 on its feet, I knew Fresno would be the place to come back to for its first run. Getting to perform at the historic Tower Theatre for the teaser show is incredible - such a beautiful, huge auditorium. I can't wait to have lunch at the Chicken Pie Shop!

What motivates you to perform? Where does your passion lie? 

The challenge and excitement of being totally present on stage and connected to an audience keeps me coming back for more. Good live theatre is magic - a world we get to inhabit that makes us think, feel and see things differently. And hopefully crack up at the absurdity of being human. I love embodying multiple characters, discovering how they move, how they feel and how they respond to each other. In Bravo 25, the hero is Lil Bit, a high functioning developmentally disabled adult who has recently lost her best friend, Cowboy.

Tell us about your new show, Bravo 25. What can people expect?

The first computer therapist was named Eliza (what a coincidence!). She was developed in the sixties. You can google her now and have a typewritten conversation. She’s not the best therapist. There are better A.I. therapists now. And Bravo 25 stars one of them. Her name is Amber. She’s running a support group for six humans. One of the humans is Cheryll, who is looking for an AA meeting. Cheryll is named after a Budget customer service rep who told me at 7 a.m. one morning, not-so-fresh off a red eye at the Logan Airport: “Now listen, you go out there and have some fun today.” Lil Bit is there, too, for support with her stages of grief. And Jeremy, Marsha, Tony and Victoria, a polyamorous lesbian who cannot wait for Amber to become Superintelligent. Life as we know it will change forever!

What do you hope people walk away from your show thinking about?

I hope people will take a moment to wonder about our relationship to technology. Is Artificial Intelligence helping us or hurting us? Can we forgive someone who is dead? What about someone who isn’t dead? Can we forgive an A.I. avatar?

What's next for you as a performer?

I’ll be performing Bravo 25 later this spring and summer in San Francisco and Hollywood. I intend to wear my orange glasses as much as possible. Orange is for success.

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