Monday, January 30, 2017

UPDATE: Merced LGBT Community Center

Gay Central Valley regrets to announce the closing of the Merced LGBT Community Center, operated by the Merced LGBTQ Alliance.

We are very proud of the collaborative work that we have accomplished in Merced as the first ever LGBT Community Center over the last two years, raising awareness and recognition, and providing resources and service to the LGBT Community.

However, operating a full time community center is an expensive and staff intensive venture. Everyone that works for the Merced LGBTQ Alliance, as well as Gay Central Valley, are volunteers, and maintaining that base of operations over time is difficult.

The cost of running an LGBT Center in Merced averages about $1,200 per month, just to keep the doors open and the lights on. That does not include the price of events, infrastructure, etc. 

At this time we have come to the conclusion that finances for Merced would be better spent by closing the physical space and reformulating our efforts in a different direction.

Despite the closure of the LGBT Center, Gay Central Valley and the Merced LGBTQ Alliance will continue our work in Merced, with a new perspective and new goals. 

Our 2017 plans include the following:

· Pride in the Park

· Various LGBT Groups

· Speaker Forums

· Youth Scholarship Program

· Organizational and Event Support

Although this is a change from our past work in Merced, we are excited about the many opportunities this change provides us. We welcome your time and your commitment to help us continue this vital LGBT community effort. 

You can reach the Merced LGBTQ Alliance through their Facebook Page

Gay Central Valley , an official 501c3 nonprofit is based in Fresno, with offices in the Fresno LGBT Community Center

You can reach us at

Our phone lines in Merced will now refer you to our main line in Fresno, which is 559-325-4429.


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