Friday, September 23, 2016

2016 Reel Pride Film Festival FRIDAY Day 3

Reel Pride Film Festival 2016

Friday September 23rd

5:30 PM

Southwest of Salem: The Story of the San Antonio Four Tower Theatre 
Director: Deborah S. Esquenazi
2016 USA 91 min.

Southwest of Salem: The Story of the San Antonio Four excavates the nightmarish persecution of Elizabeth Ramirez, Cassandra Rivera, Kristie Mayhugh, and Anna Vasquez — four Latina lesbians wrongfully convicted of gang-raping two little girls in San Antonio, Texas. 

The film begins its journey inside a Texas prison, after these women have spent nearly a decade behind bars. They were 19 and 20 years at the time that allegations surfaced. Using the women’s home video footage from 21 years ago combined with recent verité footage and interviews, the film explores their personal narratives and their search for exculpatory evidence to help their losing criminal trials. Fifteen years into their journey, director Deborah S. Esquenazi captures an on-camera recantation by one of the initial outcry victims, now 25 years old although 7 at the time of the investigation. This brings the filmmaker into the role of investigator along with attorneys at the Innocence Project, who are just beginning their quest for truth in this case. Watch the trailer HERE

5:40 PM Shared Rooms ViSTA Theater
Director: Rob Williams
2016 USA 74 min.

This witty, sexy, gay romantic comedy explores the meaning of home and family through three interrelated stories of gay men finding connections during the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day – a married couple who take in a teenage relative who was kicked out of his home after his parents discovered he was gay; a pair of roommates forced to share a bed for the week, much to the delight (and horror) of the one harboring a secret crush on the other; and two men looking for a quick hookup who end up finding a much stronger connection. (Borrowed from Film Out San Diego) Watch the trailer HERE

6:00 PM First Girl I Ever Loved Mia Cuppa Caffé 
Writer & Director: Kerem Sanga
2016 USA 91 min.

On assignment for her high-school yearbook, social-misfit Anne (Dylan Gelula) charmingly hits it off with the beautiful star of the softball team, Sasha (Brianna Hildebrand). But when Anne tells her best friend Clifton (Mateo Arias) about her new crush, he reveals a hidden jealousy that threatens more than just the girls’ budding romance. Winner of the Best of NEXT Audience Award at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival, First Girl I Ever Loved is a poignant coming-of-age tale that captures all the anxiety, bravery, and heartbreak of first love. Watch the trailer HERE

7:20 PM Summertime ViSTA Theater
Director: Catherine Corsini
2015 France 105 min.
In French with English subtitles.
In 1971 France, Delphine, the daughter of farmers, moves to Paris to break free from her rural lifestyle and to gain financial independence. There, she meets Carole, a Parisian actively involved in the stirrings of the feminist movement who also has a boyfriend. The two women engage in an affair that turns their lives upside down. Watch the trailer HERE

7:30 PM Akron Tower Theatre
Director: Brian O’Donnell
2016 USA 88 min.

Benny and Christopher, college freshmen, meet playing football and begin a relationship. They fall in love supported by their family and friends. As their love for each other grows, a past tragic event involving their mothers comes to light. This revelation tests their own love and Benny’s close-knit family. Throughout this reflective love story, with the beauty of rural Ohio as its backdrop, Benny travels an emotional journey that examines both his own feelings and his family’s ability to come to terms with the past. Akron is a sensitive and unique independent film that puts a progressive, Midwestern spin on a classic family drama. Watch the trailer HERE

8:15 PM I Love You Both Mia Cuppa Caffé 
Director: Doug Archibald
2016 USA 90 min.

Twins, Krystal and Donny, have been codependent for 28 years, still living together in a converted one bedroom house. When they both meet and start dating the same guy, they remain in denial about the fact that they’re both seeing him until he picks only one of them, forcing them to confront that they can no longer live the same life. With nowhere to turn for advice except each other and their only two friends—Linda, Krystal’s coworker and former middle-school Tae Bo teacher, and their mother—the twins are finally forced to look for answers from within. Watch the trailer HERE

9:30 PM Scared Shirtless: Horror Shorts Tower Theatre 


Director: Tom Frederic / 2016 / UK / 21 min.  

Jacob (Tom Frederic) is a jaded narcissist who stalks the bathhouse halls looking for his next hookup. When he finds himself amid a zombie outbreak, his survival may depend on the one thing he didn’t come for - a human connection.


Director: Mark Pariselli / 2014 / Canada / 21 min. 

The story of a boy’s first crush told through dance, exploring the journey your mind takes the first time you touch someone you love.


Director: Thiago Kistenmacker / 2016 / Brazil / 25 min. 

Jaque is a singer and songwriter and is willing to sacrifice anything to become a star. 

In Portuguese with English subtitles.


Director: George Bamber / 2016 / USA / 16 min. 
Kyle is your typical struggling “actor-waiter” trying to make his way in LA.  When a mysterious and handsome trainee joins the team at his restaurant, the two are thrown into a frantic tangle of secrets, sex, and dashed dreams.

9:35 PM Arianna ViSTA Theater
Director: Carlo Lavagna
2015 Italy 83 min.
Arianna is 19 years old, but she still hasn’t had her first period. The hormones that her gynecologist has prescribed don’t seem to have any effect on her development, except for a small increase in the size of her breasts that only cause her discomfort. At the beginning of summer, her parents decide to retake possession of the farmhouse on Lake Bolsena where Arianna grew up till the age of thee and where she has never returned. 

During her stay in the house, old memories start surfacing, so much that Arianna decides to stay when her parents need to go back to the city. The afternoons are slow and silent while Arianna starts inquiring about her body and her past; an encounter with her young cousin Celeste - so different and feminine compared to her - and the loss of her virginity with a boy her same age push Arianna to finally confront the true nature of her sexuality, and her true identity. Watch the trailer HERE


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