Friday, September 30, 2016

EVENT: Hillary Clinton LGBT House Party


Thursday, October 6 at 6 PM - 8 PM
Home of Richard Jennings & Peyton Bryars

2067 W Alluvial

Special Guest
Eric Bauman
Vice-Chair - California Democratic Party

Don’t miss the chance to be with liked minded people and find out what you can do to insure our rights continue and grow!

Suggested Donation
Friend $20.16 • Supporter $45 • Team Member $100

Event Coordinator Marsha Conant 559-709-8016


Sunday, September 25, 2016

Last Day of the Reel Pride Film Festival SUNDAY


12:15 PM Clambake Mia Cuppa Caffé 
Director: Andrea Meyerson 2015 USA 94 min.
The year was 1984. A handful of entrepreneurial women innkeepers in Provincetown, Mass. gathered together with a mission: to figure out how they could entice summer guests back during the seaside town’s offseason. Without the luxury of social media, or even email, the women hand-wrote letters to all their past guests, inviting them to come enjoy the beautiful autumn scenery—with a clambake and some local entertainment thrown in. They called it “Women’s Weekend,” and during the next three decades, it spawned numerous other lesbian gatherings in Provincetown, expanding from modest grassroots beginning to eventually become one of the most popular lesbian events in the world.

12:20 PM Heartland ViSTA Theater 

Director: Maura Anderson 2016 USA  98 min.  

When young Oklahoma artist, Lauren, finds herself heartbroken and struggling with a recent death, she finds escape in a reckless affair with her brother’s girlfriend, which goes against her family’s complacent suburban routine. Heartland explores the shifting nature of sexuality, the limitations of love, and the definition of family, all driven by denial and unexplored grief at the loss of a loved one.

1:00 PM Political Animals Tower Theatre 

Director: Jonah Markowitz 2016 USA 85 min.
Political Animals tells the story of the civil rights struggle of this century – the gay rights movement - through the eyes of four elected women - a group often left out of gay histories until now. Emotionally charged like its subjects, the film follows four ground- breaking lesbians who took the fight for the causes most personal to them and their communities off the streets and into the halls of government. 

Fierce, determined, focused and passionate, these women had the courage and foresight to start the work of legal rights of the LGBTQ community, ultimately paving the way for other states across the nation. Bills they authored included the first domestic partnership registry enacted by a legislature, the first anti-bullying bill protecting gay students and many more. It was a hard fight – filled with surprisingly heated debates and hateful insults hurled by opponents. This film shows how their legislation brought about change in laws and societal acceptance, the strategies behind this incremental change, and what tough bargains had to be made to get us to where we are today. While legislators often follow the will of the people, these visionary women were brave pioneers in creating lasting and significant social change.

2:15 PM Slash ViSTA Theater 

Director: Clay Liford 2016 USA 100 min.
Neil is an introverted, questioning high school freshman. Lacking any friend IRL (In Real Life), his main social outlet is the steamy fan fiction he writes about Vanguard, the brawny, galaxy-hopping hero of a popular sci-fi franchise. When his stories are exposed in class Neil is mortified, but the slightly older, effortlessly cool Julia comes to his defense. An erotic “fan-fic” writer herself, Julia pushes Neil to publish his stories to an “adult” forum, where they quickly grab the attention of the site moderator, Denis. When Neil is invited to present his work at a comic con live-read event, he has to face the fact that Denis’ interest in him may be more than simply professional, perhaps like his own feelings for Julia.

2:30 PM The Revival: Women and the Word Mia Cuppa Caffé 

Director: Sekiya Dorsett 2016 USA 78 min.
Four years ago, 50 friends gathered in a small living room in Washington, D.C. for a poetry event called The Revival. The host, Jade Foster, dreamed of building a safe space where queer women and allies could celebrate being black, women, and carriers of the word. In 2012, the event evolved into a nine-day tour that swept eight cities, touched thousands of lives, and connected five exceptional women.
The Revival: Women and the Word chronicles the creation of an international salon-styled tour led and supported by women. It tells the story of how Jade Foster recruited a group of five dynamic poets and musicians to become stewards of a movement that builds community among queer women of color, upholds literary arts excellence, and occupies living rooms across the country.

3:45 PM Raising Zoey / Real Boy (Double Feature) Tower Theatre 

Raising Zoey
Director: Dante Alencastre 2016 USA 54 min.
Affecting the lives of countless kids, teenagers and even adults, 13-year-old trans activist Zoey Luna wants nothing more than to simply go to school, learn, have fun with her friends. Unfortunately, ignorance and intolerance have not always made this easy. With the help of her mother Ofelia, her older sister Leticia and the ACLU, Zoey fought school officials for her right to self-identify in school. Even in the face of bullying and endless teasing from both school officials and students, Zoey determinedly continues to live her life as she is and tells her story in the hopes of helping others persevere in living their authentic lives.

Real Boy
Director: Shaleece Haas 2016 USA 72 min.

Bennett Wallace is a charismatic teenager on the brink of adulthood. As he navigates the ups and downs of gender transition and grapples with a history of substance abuse, Bennett embarks on a journey to find his voice - as a musician, a friend, a son, and a man. Filmed throughout four years, Real Boy follows the evolution of Bennett’s relationship with his mother Suzy, who has deep misgivings about his transition. As Suzy struggles to come to terms with his decision, Bennett is taken under the wing of his idol Joe Stevens, a celebrated transgender musician fighting his own demons. Through observational storytelling that is alternately poignant and humorous, Real Boy explores the complexity of addiction, the healing power of music, and the importance of family, both given and chosen.

4:30 PM Girls Lost ViSTA Theater 
Director: Alexandra-Therese Keining
2016 Sweden 106 min. In Swedish with English subtitles.

Kim, Bella and Momo, three bullied teenaage girls are going through the throes of finding themselves. Surrounded by a dark world of teenage violence, marginalization and sexual confusion, the girls have only each other. A seismic shift happens when they discover a curious plant in their beloved greenhouse. It turns out to have mysterious magical qualities that, when consumed, transforms the girls temporarily into boys. But not only does their gender change, the world around them, and their response to it, is profoundly altered.

7:30 PM Other People Tower Theatre
Director: Chris Kelly 2016 USA 97 min.

A struggling New York City comedy writer, fresh from breaking up with his boyfriend, moves to Sacramento to help his sick mother. Living with his conservative father and younger sisters, David feels like a stranger in his childhood home. As his mother worsens, he tries to convince everyone (including himself) he’s “doing okay.” Other People is a bold and hilarious look of one family’s most trying time featuring breakout performances by Jesse Plemons (Friday Night Lights) and the hilarious Molly Shannon (Saturday Night Live).

Saturday, September 24, 2016

2016 Reel Pride Film Festival SATURDAY Day 4

11:00 AM Transcendent Shorts Tower Theatre 


Director: Nicole Opper / 2016 / USA / 14 min.
Celebrate the life and artistic endeavors of Breanna Sinclaire, an African American opera singer and openly transgender woman.

Director: Laurent Boileau / 2014 / France / 10 min. Commemorating the death of his lost love, Samuel seeks refuge in his night life and becomes a Queen of the Night.

Directors: Natalie Heltzel & Rain Valdez / 2016 / USA / 17 min. A transgender woman goes on a blind date with a man, but lingering similarities with an ex gets in the way.

Director: Jeff Schlags / 2015 / USA / 19 min. A Wig and a Prayer chronicles the story of Peaches Christ, the legendary San Francisco drag queen, from her early beginnings in raucous variety shows to the lauded success of her Midnight Mass pre-movie experience

Director: Fabrice Luang-Vija / 2015 / France / 17 min.
In French with English subtitles. They called him “He who has two souls.” He was beautiful like a woman, and he was handsome like a man. He hesitated

Director: Amy Adler / 2016 / USA / 15 min. A portrait of a transgender guy faced with difficult life circumstances trying to find new ways to express old and familiar feelings

12:00 PM Retake ViSTA Theater 

Director: Nick Corporon
2016 USA 98 min.
Jonathan, a lonely middle-aged man, travels to San Francisco to fi nd a young male companion. He quickly connects with a prostitute who he hires to accompany him on a road trip the Grand Canyon. En route, the prostitute comes to realize that he’s playing a vital role in the recreation of Jonathan’s lovelorn past. As the young man digs for clues, Jonathan insists that he stick to the role he was hired to for. Slowly, the prostitute begins to piece together the identity of the person he’s playing. Eager to leave his own past behind and feeling a strange connection with his odd client, he sheds his own identity and plays the part. As the two get closer to the destination, their affection grows and an authentic relationship tries to break through. Watch the trailer HERE

1:15 PM Fun in Girls Shorts Tower Theatre 

Director: Kerem Blumber / 2015 / Isreal / 22 min.
It’s Noa and Orr’s last night together in Tel Aviv before Orr leaves for Berlin. After getting arrested outside a punk gig, Noa will have to make a final decision about their relationship.
In Hebrew with English subtitles


Director: Lauren Schacher / 2016 / USA / 10 min.
A woman and her wife check in for a secluded romantic getaway only to be haunted by the one who pulled them apart

Director: Lisa Donato / 2016 / USA / 11 min.
A brother contemplates fatherhood when his older sister and her free-spirited wife ask him to be their sperm donor

Director: Kai Stänicke / 2016 / Germany / 15 min. Torn between a cold relationship with K. and her feelings for another woman, shy and insecure B. is heading for a disaster. For too long she has suppressed her desire and lived a lie. But is it really too late for B. to follow her heart

Director: Marvin Lemus / 2016 / USA / 12 min. Hope struggles with grief after Mac, her butch girlfriend, passes away and must must overcome homophobic hostilities from her dead girlfriend’s family in order to respectfully send Mac off into the afterlife in the way she would’ve wanted

Director: Puppett / 2015 / USA / 12 min. Not one to be held back by unfair legislation, Sydney outsmarts the web of laws keeping her tied down and unable to get divorced

2:15 PM Weekends ViSTA Theater 

Director: Lee Dong-Ha
2016 Korea 98 min. In Korean with English subtitles.
G-Voice is the one and only gay men’s choir in South Korea. They are all amateurs, but their passion has led to their 10th anniversary concert. With their big concert only a few days away, they are invited to perform at the very first gay wedding in Korea, only to be assaulted by a homophobic group. However, “give up” is not in their vocabulary. G-Voice continues singing for equality and against all kinds of discrimination. Will G-Voice’s 10th anniversary concert succeed?

2:30 PM Discoveries: Youth Shorts Mia Cuppa Caffé 

Director: Jennifer Reeder / 2016 / USA / 20 min.
A group of girls take over a skate park, forming an all-female force field on the half pipe

Director: Lance McDaniel / 2016 / USA / 6 min.
The story of a boy’s first crush told through dance, exploring the journey your mind takes the first time you touch someone you love

Director: Trish Garner / 2014 / Canada / 12 min.
After being thrown out of her home, Shawnee finds herself couch-surfing with strangers and living a life of daily insecurity and vulnerability

Director: Nathalie Álvarez Mesén / 2016 / Sweden / 11 min.
In Swedish with English subtitles.
When 7-year-old Filip witnesses something unexpected, he is forced to confront his feelings of admiration towards his older brother, Sebastian

Director: Mike Paulucci / 2015 / USA / 9 min.
A teenager from the South Side of Chicago decides to reveal their true identity during a spoken word performance only to be interrupted by an uninvited guest

Director: Brandon Zuck / 2016 / USA / 7 min.
A young outcast deals with the loss of his friend

Director: Michael Patrick Spillers / 2015 / USA / 17 min. A rock ‘n roll fable about André, a transgender teen runaway who falls in love with a rockabilly princess on the streets of East Los Angeles

3:10 PM Fun in Boys Shorts Tower Theatre 

Director: Yen Tan / 2016 / USA / 9 min.
A dying man prepares to move in with his estranged mother. He makes an appointment with a beauty consultant to hide his symptoms

Directors: Gabe Schimmel & Monica Petruzzelli / 2016 / USA / 16 min.
Greg and Michael as they struggle with a disease eradicating the memory of their relationship 40+ years in the making

Director: Jake Graf / 2015 / UK / 17 min.
Trevor’s life has become a void, following the passing of his wife and long term companion, A chance encounter in the park with a mysterious stranger equally troubled by his own past jarringly reawakens him, and forces both men to once again start to live

Director: Andrew Keenan-Bolger / 2016 / USA / 15 min.
Through silent vignettes, music, and sign language, Sign tells the story of a relationship between Ben, a hearing man, and Aaron, who is deaf

Director: Joshua Alan Rogers / 2015 / USA / 20 min.
Jesse is a driver for Pick Up, a ride-sharing service in Los Angeles, who’s been falling for a handsome regular passenger until the secret he shares threatens to steer them both off course

Director: Paul Detwiler / 2015 / USA / 6 min. An erotic poem exploring the multidimensional nature of male erotic attraction

4:30 PM Bruising for Besos ViSTA Theater 

Writer & Director: Adelina Anthony
2016 USA 89 min.
This film contains depictions of domestic violence and trauma.
Yoli is a charismatic and complicated Xicana lesbian making family in a Queer and Trans People Of Color (QTPOC) suburban Los Angeles scene. She’s an artist at heart, and along with her best friend, Rani, makes do with a mundane job. One night she pursues, Daña, an alluring Puerto Rican woman. This romance upends the seeming calmness of her life as Yoli soon finds herself recreating a tumultuous past. Watch the trailer HERE

5:00 PM Forbidden: Undocumented and Queer in Rural America Mia Cuppa Caffé 
Director: Tiffany Rhynard
2016 USA 83 min.
If you are an undocumented Queer immigrant living in the United States amidst this turbulent political climate, you are not safe and your future is at risk. When Moises Serrano was just a baby, his parents risked everything to flee Mexico and make the perilous journey across the desert in search of the American dream. After 23 years growing up in the rural south, where he is forbidden to live and love, Moises sees only one option — to fight for justice 
Forbidden is a feature length documentary about an inspiring young man whose story is exceptional, although not unique. Moises is like the thousands of young people growing up in the United States with steadfast dreams but facing overwhelming obstacles. The film chronicles Moises’ work as an activist traveling across his home state of North Carolina as a voice for his community, all while trying to forge a path for his own future.

5:15 PM Upstairs Inferno Tower Theatre 

Writer & Director: Robert L. Camina
2015 USA 96 min.
On June 24, 1973, an arsonist set fire to the Up Stairs Lounge, a gay bar located on the edge of the French Quarter in New Orleans. For 43 years, it was the deadliest single event to affect the gay community in U.S. history. Despite the staggering historical significance, few people know about the tragedy. Thirty-two people were killed and some bodies were never identified. One-third of the New Orleans chapter of the Metropolitan Community Church were killed in the blaze, including two clergy. The primary suspect was never charged with the crime. The tragedy did not stop at the loss of lives. There were also the delayed injuries: lost jobs, fear, public ridicule and severed families. The devastation was compounded by the homophobic reactions and utter lack of concern by the general public, government and religious leaders. The fire permanently altered lives and was the root of many lifelong struggles. 

Featuring interviews from survivors, witnesses and friends/families of victims, Upstairs Inferno is the most comprehensive and authoritative film about the fire and its aftermath. However, Upstairs Inferno isn’t simply a stagnant exposition of facts. it brings humanity to the headlines by shining a light on the very painful effect the tragedy had on the people left behind. Watch the trailer HERE

6:40 PM Women Who Kill ViSTA Theater 
Writer & Director: Ingrid Jungermann
2016 USA 93 min.
Commitment phobic Morgan and her ex-girlfriend Jean are locally famous true crime podcasters obsessed with female serial killers. There’s a chance they may still have feelings for each other, but co-dependence takes a back seat when Morgan meets the mysterious Simone during her Food Coop shift. Blinded by infatuation, Morgan quickly signs up for the relationship, ignoring warnings from friends that her new love interest is practically a stranger. 

When Jean shows Morgan proof that Simone may not be who she says she is, Morgan accuses Jean of trying to ruin the best thing that’s ever happened to her. But as she and Simone move into commitment territory, Morgan starts to notice red flags—maybe Jean was right and Simone isn’t as perfect as Morgan’s made her out to be.

Morgan and Jean investigate Simone as if she were a subject of their podcast, they uncover disturbing clues - a death at the Food Coop, a missing friend, a murder weapon - leading them to suspect her not only of mystery, but of murder. In the end, Morgan has to examine all the evidence in front of her. Is she just afraid of what it means to be in a relationship or is her life actually in danger?

7:30 PM Suicide Kale Tower Theatre 

Director: Carly Usdin
2016 USA 75 min.
Making its rounds on the U.S. film festival circuit, Suicide Kale has garnered attention for its vividly rendered, dark-comedy take on relationship troubles between women and the difficult conversations about mental health that happen in between bites of crisp kale at a seemingly perfect lunch party.

We all know Jasmine (Brittani Nichols) and Penn (Lindsay Hicks), the newly “one-month official” couple giddy in the throes of young love, and their counterparts Billie (Jasika Nicole) and Jordan (Brianna Baker), the five-years-married couple who throws cute salad parties in their adorable house. But when Penny finds an anonymous suicide note, it challenges everything that the couples thought they knew about each other’s relationships into doubt. (Borrowed from

9:00 PM Front Cover ViSTA Theater 

Writer & Director: Ray Yeung
2016 USA 87 min.
In English, Manderin, Chinese and Catonese with English subtitles. Front Cover is about handsome, openly gay New York City fashion stylist Ryan, who rejects his traditional Asian upbringing. Ryan is given an assignment to style Ning, a famous Chinese actor, for an important photo shoot. After a rocky start, an unlikely friendship develops between them, leading Ryan to re-examine his roots and consider an enticing new path for his life and career. A tender, funny look at clashing cultures and love, Front Cover is a delight for the urban fashionista in us all
Watch the trailer HERE

9:30 PM Lezberados: Comedy With No Bull Tower Theatre

Lezberados is a fierce and funny, hot and spicy, side splitting comedy show featuring two of the hottest dykes on the mic working the circuit. From Showtime’s The Latin Divas of Comedy and Pride: Gay and Lesbian Comedy Slam, Sandra Valls brings the talent and the funny to show why she was voted Top 33 Bad Ass Comics with Latino Roots by Latina Magazine and Go Magazine’s Top 100 Women We Love, as well as one of Curve magazine’s Top 10 Lesbian Comics. She’s joined by her radically ridiculous sister from a different mister, Mimi Gonzalez of Logo’s, One Night Stand Up. Both are Olivia Cruise stars with sold-out shows from Provincetown to Los Angeles. Come out and get your laugh on and find out why these two are the “taco the town.”


Friday, September 23, 2016

2016 Reel Pride Film Festival FRIDAY Day 3

Reel Pride Film Festival 2016

Friday September 23rd

5:30 PM

Southwest of Salem: The Story of the San Antonio Four Tower Theatre 
Director: Deborah S. Esquenazi
2016 USA 91 min.

Southwest of Salem: The Story of the San Antonio Four excavates the nightmarish persecution of Elizabeth Ramirez, Cassandra Rivera, Kristie Mayhugh, and Anna Vasquez — four Latina lesbians wrongfully convicted of gang-raping two little girls in San Antonio, Texas. 

The film begins its journey inside a Texas prison, after these women have spent nearly a decade behind bars. They were 19 and 20 years at the time that allegations surfaced. Using the women’s home video footage from 21 years ago combined with recent verité footage and interviews, the film explores their personal narratives and their search for exculpatory evidence to help their losing criminal trials. Fifteen years into their journey, director Deborah S. Esquenazi captures an on-camera recantation by one of the initial outcry victims, now 25 years old although 7 at the time of the investigation. This brings the filmmaker into the role of investigator along with attorneys at the Innocence Project, who are just beginning their quest for truth in this case. Watch the trailer HERE

5:40 PM Shared Rooms ViSTA Theater
Director: Rob Williams
2016 USA 74 min.

This witty, sexy, gay romantic comedy explores the meaning of home and family through three interrelated stories of gay men finding connections during the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day – a married couple who take in a teenage relative who was kicked out of his home after his parents discovered he was gay; a pair of roommates forced to share a bed for the week, much to the delight (and horror) of the one harboring a secret crush on the other; and two men looking for a quick hookup who end up finding a much stronger connection. (Borrowed from Film Out San Diego) Watch the trailer HERE

6:00 PM First Girl I Ever Loved Mia Cuppa Caffé 
Writer & Director: Kerem Sanga
2016 USA 91 min.

On assignment for her high-school yearbook, social-misfit Anne (Dylan Gelula) charmingly hits it off with the beautiful star of the softball team, Sasha (Brianna Hildebrand). But when Anne tells her best friend Clifton (Mateo Arias) about her new crush, he reveals a hidden jealousy that threatens more than just the girls’ budding romance. Winner of the Best of NEXT Audience Award at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival, First Girl I Ever Loved is a poignant coming-of-age tale that captures all the anxiety, bravery, and heartbreak of first love. Watch the trailer HERE

7:20 PM Summertime ViSTA Theater
Director: Catherine Corsini
2015 France 105 min.
In French with English subtitles.
In 1971 France, Delphine, the daughter of farmers, moves to Paris to break free from her rural lifestyle and to gain financial independence. There, she meets Carole, a Parisian actively involved in the stirrings of the feminist movement who also has a boyfriend. The two women engage in an affair that turns their lives upside down. Watch the trailer HERE

7:30 PM Akron Tower Theatre
Director: Brian O’Donnell
2016 USA 88 min.

Benny and Christopher, college freshmen, meet playing football and begin a relationship. They fall in love supported by their family and friends. As their love for each other grows, a past tragic event involving their mothers comes to light. This revelation tests their own love and Benny’s close-knit family. Throughout this reflective love story, with the beauty of rural Ohio as its backdrop, Benny travels an emotional journey that examines both his own feelings and his family’s ability to come to terms with the past. Akron is a sensitive and unique independent film that puts a progressive, Midwestern spin on a classic family drama. Watch the trailer HERE

8:15 PM I Love You Both Mia Cuppa Caffé 
Director: Doug Archibald
2016 USA 90 min.

Twins, Krystal and Donny, have been codependent for 28 years, still living together in a converted one bedroom house. When they both meet and start dating the same guy, they remain in denial about the fact that they’re both seeing him until he picks only one of them, forcing them to confront that they can no longer live the same life. With nowhere to turn for advice except each other and their only two friends—Linda, Krystal’s coworker and former middle-school Tae Bo teacher, and their mother—the twins are finally forced to look for answers from within. Watch the trailer HERE

9:30 PM Scared Shirtless: Horror Shorts Tower Theatre 


Director: Tom Frederic / 2016 / UK / 21 min.  

Jacob (Tom Frederic) is a jaded narcissist who stalks the bathhouse halls looking for his next hookup. When he finds himself amid a zombie outbreak, his survival may depend on the one thing he didn’t come for - a human connection.


Director: Mark Pariselli / 2014 / Canada / 21 min. 

The story of a boy’s first crush told through dance, exploring the journey your mind takes the first time you touch someone you love.


Director: Thiago Kistenmacker / 2016 / Brazil / 25 min. 

Jaque is a singer and songwriter and is willing to sacrifice anything to become a star. 

In Portuguese with English subtitles.


Director: George Bamber / 2016 / USA / 16 min. 
Kyle is your typical struggling “actor-waiter” trying to make his way in LA.  When a mysterious and handsome trainee joins the team at his restaurant, the two are thrown into a frantic tangle of secrets, sex, and dashed dreams.

9:35 PM Arianna ViSTA Theater
Director: Carlo Lavagna
2015 Italy 83 min.
Arianna is 19 years old, but she still hasn’t had her first period. The hormones that her gynecologist has prescribed don’t seem to have any effect on her development, except for a small increase in the size of her breasts that only cause her discomfort. At the beginning of summer, her parents decide to retake possession of the farmhouse on Lake Bolsena where Arianna grew up till the age of thee and where she has never returned. 

During her stay in the house, old memories start surfacing, so much that Arianna decides to stay when her parents need to go back to the city. The afternoons are slow and silent while Arianna starts inquiring about her body and her past; an encounter with her young cousin Celeste - so different and feminine compared to her - and the loss of her virginity with a boy her same age push Arianna to finally confront the true nature of her sexuality, and her true identity. Watch the trailer HERE


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Thursday, September 22, 2016

2016 Reel Pride Film Festival THURSDAY Day 2


Reel Pride Film Festival 2016
Thursday, September 22nd

5:30 PM Two Hard Things, Two Soft Things Tower Theatre 

Director: Mark Kenneth Woods & Michael Yerxa
2016 Canada 71 min. In English and Inukitut with English subtitles
As a small group in Nunavut, Canada prepare for a seminal LGBTQ Pride celebration in the Arctic, the film explores how colonization and religion have shamed and erased traditional Inuit beliefs about sexuality and family structure and how, 60 years later, a new generation of Inuit are actively ‘unshaming’ their post. Watch a preview HERE

5:45 PM Uncle Gloria: One Helluva Ride ViSTA Theater 

Director: Robyn Symon
2016 USA 76 min.

During a nasty divorce, Butch, the 67 year-old Jewish macho and homophobic owner of a South Florida auto-wrecking company hides from the law, as a woman, setting off a twisting tale of discovery. Naming herself after her two idols - Gloria Estefan and Gloria Steinem - she decides to remodel herself in much the same way Butch once lovingly restored his old cars. As a senior citizen, she undergoes a risky sex change operation, becomes a dominatrix then a transgender activist, finds, love all while trying to reconcile with her dysfunctional family. While it has a twisting plot and lots of humor, Uncle Gloria is an important film about letting go of labels and accepting people for who they are regardless of their gender expression. With the cultural spotlight on gender rights and specifically transgendered people, this film couldn’t be timelier. Watch the trailer HERE

7:15 PM BearCity 3 Tower Theatre 

Writer & Director: Doug Langway
2016 USA 108 min.
It’s three years later. Brent and Fred have settled into married life. They’ve convinced Fred’s sister, Susan, to carry their baby. And while Brent is baby-proofing everything in the house, Fred is preoccupied with finishing his long-developed documentary, Beartopia. Brent and Fred engage in the classic avoidance of responsibilities vs. over-protective dance, one daddy distracted while the other is hyper-vigilant, delivering hilarious results! Big “Mama Bear” Michael lost his soulmate when Carlos was mugged for his cash-drop bag while leaving the bar he owned with Michael and Roger. Now in a relationship with Dalton, a handsome African-American business man, Michael struggles to let go of the past and engage with this new loving, adoring man. Hope seems lost for Michael, until Dalton’s 16-year old daughter is thrust into their lives, forcing Michael to choose between holding onto the past or embracing the future. BearCity 3 is the closing chapter to the BearCity triology and brings together a funny and lovable cast including Joe Conti (BearCity), Gerald McCullouch (CSI), Stephen Guarino (Happy Endings), Brian Keane (Gotham), and funny lady Kathy Najimy (Sister Act). Watch the trailer HERE

8:00 PM Girl Gets Girl ViSTA Theater 

Director: Sonia Sebastián
2016 Spain 98 min. In Spanish and English with English subtitles
Inés, a lesbian lothario, has lived the American dream in Miami for nine years. When she’s caught cheating on her girlfriend, her world tumbles down. For the first time in years Inés asks herself what she wants in life, and she knows the answer. It’s time to get back to Madrid - even if it means she will have to face the huge mess she left behind. What Inés really wants is to finally succeed in seducing Lola, the hot straight best friend of Verónica Psyco, the woman Inés left nine years ago - pregnant and on their wedding day! And as usual, Inés has chosen the worst time ever arriving in the middle of a party at Lola and Verónica’s shared home. There she meets Candela, Verónica´s daughter (and almost hers) and all the women and friends she once left. Will she runaway again or is it finally time to settle down? Much hilarity and chaos ensues as Inés finds her way back to her heart..

10:00 PM Paris 05:59: Theo & Hugo Tower Theatre 

Directors: Olivier Ducastel & Jacques Martineau
2016 France 97 min. In French with English subtitles.
Explicit sexual content. No one under 18 admitted.

Théo and Hugo encounter each other’s bodies in a sex club. They talk, things blur into the haziness of unbridled desire, then take shape for a moment as their gaze meets before they resume their exploration and lose themselves anew. A few moments later the two men feel the need to go outside. Together they drift down the deserted streets of nocturnal Paris. Suddenly they find themselves confronted by a sense of reality that wipes out their freedom and aimlessness and lends each step an existential helplessness. Do they want to know more about each other? Will their trust be rewarded? What are their expectations? Olivier Ducastel and Jacques Martineau display consummate sensitivity in bringing us closer to two men as they strive for intimacy in spite of being stalled by their insecurity. Their two leading actors delight us with their remarkably intuitive performances and their incredible charm. (Description courtesy of the Berlin International Film Festival) Watch the trailer HERE

10:05 PM Kiss Me, Kill Me ViSTA Theater

Director: Casper Andreas
2016 USA 100 min.

After Dusty (Emmy nominee Van Hansis of As The World Turns) blacks out while confronting his cheating boyfriend, Stephen (Gale Harold, Queer as Folk), he awakes only to find his boyfriend murdered and himself as the prime suspect. With plot twists and turns to keep you guessing, Kiss Me, Kill Me also stars a colorful collection of characters, many of whom might have their own reasons for wanting Stephen dead. Kiss Me, Kill Me is contemporary film noir and murder mystery in the great tradition of Alfred Hitchcock and Agatha Christie. The film also stars Brianna Brown (Devious Maids), Jai Rodriguez (Queer Eye for the Straight Guy), Matthew Ludwinski (Going Down in LA-LA Land), and D.J. “Shangela” Pierce (RuPaul’s Drag Race). Watch the trailer HERE

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Reel Pride 2016 WEDNESDAY Opening Night


Wednesday, September 21st
Tower Theatre 7:30 p.m.

Watch the Trailer HERE

Writer & Director: Tom E. Brown
2016 USA 108 min.

While Dan lives paycheck to paycheck, working the door at a San Francisco dive bar and promoting unpopular poetry slams, he has been stuck in place since the day he was diagnosed with HIV. Now positive for 22 years, Dan’s problems aren’t physical—his psyche is more of an issue than his T-cells. He longs for companionship, but dreading the inevitable “Hi I’m positive” talk, he has successfully avoided the dating scene. When the state suspends his medical coverage, and his expensive combo of multi-colored, multi-tasking AIDS drugs are cut off, the daily grind and constantly living 10 pills away from death every day gets just a little more nerve-wracking.

With Opening Short

Director: Brandon Cordeiro / 2016 / USA / 9 min. 

In 1997, a mother brings her seven-year old boy to a public AIDS memorial on a beach in Provincetown, Mass. There, he experiences firsthand the loss incurred by the epidemic of the mid-1980s and his community’s inspirational response to it.   


Tuesday, September 20, 2016

2016 Q&A with Reel Pride - Kathleen Arambula-Reyna


Kathleen Arambula-Reyna - Reel Pride President & Festival Director
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What’s your favorite film of 2016?

This year’s festival has some wonderful films that run the spectrum of entertainment to information. We have a horror shorts series that should be campy and fun, and some documentaries that will inspire. Personally, I have one that I have championed, “Political Animals”. I knew the moment I screened this film that I wanted to bring this message to Fresno. So much so, that we made it the President’s Spotlight Film. Political Animals tells the story of the civil rights struggle of this century – the gay rights movement - through the eyes of four elected women - a group often left out of gay histories until now. The film follows four ground-breaking lesbians who took the fight for the causes most personal to them and their communities off the streets and into the halls of government. They had the courage and foresight to start the work of legal rights of the LGBT community, ultimately paving the way for other states across the nation. Bills they authored included the first domestic partnership registry enacted by a legislature, the first anti-bullying bill protecting gay students and many more.

We are also pleased to say that former Assembly Member Christine Kehoe is planning on attending, as well as current Assembly Member from our district, Dr. Joaquin Arambula. 

What film would you like to see remade as an LGBT film?

I would say Hunger Games, but I think RuPaul’s Drag All Stars may be as close as I get. In all seriousness, I think if I could see an animated movies like Cinderella, Snow White or Aladdin be re-made to reflect a lgbtq+ inclusive theme for our youth, I would be very happy. 

What’s the last series you binge watched?

‘Stranger Things’ with Wynona Rider. So addictive and a great mix of sci fi meets the 80’s. 

Who is your dream celebrity date?

I used to think Jody Foster, I have sooo moved on. Sorry Jody. I would now love to sit and have a great conversation and drinks with the likes of Bette Midler or Cyndi Lauper and you can throw in Margaret Cho since I’m dreaming, I think that would be one hell of a dinner date conversation!

Who would play you in a movie?

I think Leslie Jones would be awesome, she wouldn’t be afraid to say the things that run through my mind, but she’s actually make them sound funny as all get out but then give that “I’m serious tho” look.

What film are you embarrassed to say you’ve never seen?

Insert name of almost evey iconic Lesbian film made. Yep, I should lose my card. In my defense, if I had seen them my memory is so bad I would have forgot them years ago. In fact, I just may have seen them all and forgotten.

What are you looking forward to at this year’s Reel Pride Film Festival?

I’m looking forward to opening night. That’s when things are moving so fast that most of the time you just need to stand out of the way. The Films, the friendships that meet and mingle, the great food by the A-M-A-Z-I-N-G Painted Table, the Comedy show on Saturday night in the Tower Theater and the After Hours Parties in the old Pinot Lounge. There is so much that will go into full gear come Wednesday, the 21st! for Opening Night! Hope to see everyone there!

2016 Q&A with Reel Pride - Christopher Dodd

Christopher Dodd - Director of Memberships

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What’s your favorite film of 2016?

I was really surprised, but I enjoyed the remake of Ghostbusters. I think they stayed true to the original, but modernized it.

What film would you like to see remade as an LGBT film?

I would like to see how the story of the Princess Bride be retold.

What’s the last series you binge watched?

I seriously just finished watching Quantico and absolutely loved it. It takes about 3 episodes for you to get sucked in, but so good

Who is your dream celebrity date?

Hmmmm. There is so many to choose from, but I think it might be fun to go on a date with Mark Ruffalo. He looks dreamy and seems to be very down to earth

Who would play you in a movie?

“The role of Christopher Dodd will be played this evening by Jim Parsons.”

What film are you embarrassed to say you’ve never seen?

I am so bad, but I have never watched “It’s a Wonderful Life”

What are you looking forward to at this year’s Reel Pride Film Festival?

I am looking forward to the diversity of movies and stars that are attending this year. I find it so enjoyable to pick their brains and make new friends.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

2016 Q&A With Reel Pride - Brian Carnes

Brian Carnes - Reel Pride Treasurer
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What’s your favorite film of 2016?

"Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising" It was a fun and mindless flick. Wow! That was back in May...I guess I need to get out more.

What film would you like to see remade as an LGBT film?

OH! I want to see "Willy Wonka" remade with drag queens! Could you just imagine Alaska as Veruca Salt, or Bianca Del Rio as Willy Wonka? How about Lady Bunny as Augustus Gloop's mother?! Why isn't this already in production?!

What’s the last series you binge watched?

"Orange is the New Black" Did you see that season closing scene? NAIL BITER! They'd better hurry up with the next season of "The Fall" so I don't go through withdrawals of Netflix and Binge...on ice cream...with stretchy pants...

Who is your dream celebrity date?

Guess I'd better put that spoon of ice cream down now. Neil Patrick Harris. Yeah, I know he's married. No, I don't want to break them up. Just appear at my dinner table in a puff of smoke, tell me what I catch I am, then make a spectacular exit in a shower of glitter.

Who would play you in a movie?

A highly intoxicated person once stumbled by me and said I looked like Vin Diesel. I assume that was the Fireball talking. Let's get NPH back in on this! We'll do dinner again. Yeah, that's the plan. Someone make this happen.

What film are you embarrassed to say you’ve never seen?

I can already feel the judging. "Sixteen Candles" and "Pretty in Pink." I KNOW!! I'm actually a horrible human being, and I'm pretty sure this is grounds for revoking my gay card.

What are you looking forward to at this year’s Reel Pride Film Festival?

This is going to sound rather disjointed, but follow me, won't you, down this winding rabbit trail. I promise it's going somewhere. As a pass-holding member, I look forward to the movies. Nowhere else in the Valley can you come and watch independent LGBTQ+ films from all over the world that tackle such a broad range of topics. As a board member, I'm looking forward to seeing the fruits of our hard labor being enjoyed by all of our guests. Seeing everyone coming together as a community, having a good time, spurring conversation, and forge new friendships makes this all worth while. So personally, I'm most looking forward to the Festival itself.

2016 Q&A With Reel Pride - Peter Robertson


Peter Robertson - Co-Founder/Endowment/Festival Director Emeritus
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What’s your favorite film of 2016?

It would have to be “Jason Bourne” starring Matt Damon. I always like a great car chase or two.

What film would you like to see remade as an LGBT film?

Perhaps “The Women” 1939 or “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” 1954. Either one would be fun.

What’s the last series you binge watched?

I watched a half-dozen, vintage James Bond movies a few year's ago. He’s my favorite movie character.

Who is your dream celebrity date?

Humm. Would have to be Eartha Kitt. I always had a fun adventure with her. Some 20 years ago, we both visited the former Beverly Hills property she had owned, after she had sold it and moved to the East Coast. She was in Los Angeles and performing at the Cinegrill at the Roosevelt Hotel; and I was staying with her as an unregistered guest.

So, we’re outside, in my car, at this red brick compound on La Collina Drive. Like a cat, she scurries over the red, brick wall and proceeds “to borrow” some fresh lemon and orange branches with blossoms to brighten up her hotel suite with. Looking back, this situation might be construed as breaking-and-entering, she as the burglar and I as driver and lookout guy.
Just another afternoon with Earth Kitt in the City of Angels.

Who would play you in a movie?

I think Derek Villnueva would do me justice. Don’t you?

What film are you embarrassed to say you’ve never seen?

“Gone with the Wind.” But, I’ve see the Carol Burnett spoof a dozen times.

What are you looking forward to at this year’s Reel Pride Film Festival?

Showcasing our community’s diversity, and ensuring that all members’ feel a sense of sincere and honest inclusion is very important to the board and to me. With 50 LGBTQ+ films screened throughout five days, there will surely be something for everyone.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

2016 Q&A With Reel Pride - Tiana Perez


Tiana Perez - Director of Volunteers
Check out the Reel Pride Film Festival Website HERE

What’s your favorite film of 2016?

My favorite film of 2016 is our closing night film, “Other People.” It taps into every emotion and you’ll find yourself stopping a tear with a laugh. I think the storyline is definitely original for an LGBT film. Instead of focusing on the typical coming out story, this film centers around parents with different degrees of acceptance and really questions what happens when you realize you may only be left with a parent who doesn’t accept you. To put the cherry on top of a great movie, one of my favorite SNL stars, Molly Shannon, plays a lead role.

What film would you like to see remade as an LGBT film?

Well, it hasn’t been made into a movie (yet) but I’d love to see an LGBT spin on “Wicked.” Every time I’ve gone to watch the play I find myself muttering “kiss her” when they are singing, “Changed for the Better”

I also feel like “50 Shades of Gray” should be remade as an LGBT film only because I’d love the title “50 Shades of Gay.”

What’s the last series you binge watched?

The last series I binge watched was “Stranger Things” and it was absolutely phenomenal!!! I loved the retro 80s setting and the synthesizer music.

Who is your dream celebrity date?

I’m a glutton for awesome women so it’s hard for me to pick just one. Years ago I would have said Angelina Jolie, but I think my adult self is slightly intimidated by her, mostly because the thought of having children is still slightly terrifying to me and she comes as a package deal with a whole army of children. Also, I’ve come to appreciate much more than a sexy glare and beautiful lips and I find myself more and more attracted to funny and independent women who can crack a joke and carry an intellectual conversation. So I think my top celebrity dream dates would be, Tina Fey and Anna Kendrick.

Who would play you in a movie?

I picture someone like Rebel Wilson being perfect to play me in a musical movie about my life that would probably be called, “Pitch, Please!”

What film are you embarrassed to say you’ve never seen?

I feel like there are a few “classics” that people are always surprised to find out I’ve never seen, but I think most people are shocked when I tell them I’ve never seen “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Truth is, I’ve seen parts of it and it didn’t look like a very wonderful life at all.

What are you looking forward to at this year’s Reel Pride Film Festival?

I’m looking forward to meeting all the wonderful cast members, filmmakers, and special guests we have lined up. In my three years on the board, this is probably the largest line up of guests we’ve ever had.

2016 Q&A With Reel Pride - Haley White

Haley White - Reel Pride Director of Programming
Check out the Reel Pride Film Festival Website HERE

What’s your favorite film of 2016?

I think Southwest of "Salem: The Story of the San Antonio Four" is a powerful reminder that though we've come a long way in our fight for equality, people are still losing their lives (literally and figuratively) to homophobia in our country. "Out in the Night" won Best Documentary at our festival last year. For those who liked that film, this one pack a similar punch. I'm also pretty attached to our closing film, Other People, because it reminds me so much of my own family. It was written and directed by Chris Kelly, who just made national news as the first out head writer on SNL. But I love lots of other stuff we brought in and boy, do we have some great shorts this year.

What film would you like to see remade as an LGBT film?

Kissing Jessica Stein! Haha. They just have to re-write the stupid ending. It makes me so mad.

What’s the last series you binge watched?

I had to binge OITNB back in June before all the spoilers came out. So glad I did. I would have been pissed if those last two episodes were ruined for me.

Who is your dream celebrity date?

Andrea Sperling or Karey Dornetto

Who would play you in a movie?

Casey Wilson would probably make the most sense, because she reminds my sister of me.

What film are you embarrassed to say you’ve never seen?

The Star Wars films. And I'm a filmmaker! It's shameful, really.

What are you looking forward to at this year’s Reel Pride Film Festival?

We've got lots of filmmakers coming this year for Q&A's, including the writer/director of our opening night film, a couple guys from BearCity 3, the entire team from Suicide Kale, the director of Upstairs Inferno, and so many more!

Reel Pride Director's Club Preview Party TONIGHT!

Monday, September 12, 2016

First Openly Gay Miss America

Courtesy Huffington Post

In June 2016, Erin O’Flaherty made history as the first openly gay Miss America contestant after being crowned Miss Missouri.

O’Flaherty is now preparing to take the stage on Sept. 11 to compete in the Miss America pageant against the other individual state winners.

O’Flaherty’s presence in the pageant is particularly meaningful to femme lesbians who are often invisible in the larger context of queer community, simply because they don’t look like mainstream America’s typical idea of a lesbian.

In this interview with The Huffington Post, O’Flaherty reflects on the public reception of her historic win, why she thinks it has taken this long for there to be an openly gay Miss America contestant and what she wants queer kids to take away from her platform.