Tuesday, August 9, 2016

EVENT: Arte Americas Exhibits


Reception to be held this Saturday in honor of the three shows

Contact: Frank Delgado
Mobile/Text: 559-477-3533

In its twenty-ninth year of existence, Latino cultural center Arte Américas continues to produce exhibitions that celebrate the many ways in which culture can be manifested into an artist's brushstoke, Three exhibitions are currently on view that bring together some of the world's most respected artists into the galleries of the Downtown art-space.

Over the last several years, Executive Director and Chief Curator Frank Delgado has made a ritual out of renting a cargo van and driving around the state to retrieve rare and high-level works -- many times from the studios and homes of the artists themselves. The connections that have been made in the last two years have given rare access to artists who may otherwise not be featured in Fresno.

Through the direct partnership and stewardship by four highly respected Los Angeles curators Cheryl Bookout, Amanda Quinn-Olivar, Kathleen Gallegos, and Andrew Cervantes, Arte Américas was able to assemble a grouping of artists from Los Angeles who range from emerging to legendary. Many of the artists are Latino, but many art not -- but each are connected deeply to the Chicano and Latino communities of Los Angeles -- in an exhibition titled SOUTH OF THE GRAPEVINE.

A quick glance of the walls reveals art legends Frank Romero, Gronk, Jose Ramirez, Shepard Fairey, and Vincent Valdez. Three works by Chaz Guest are currently on view, who is also showing concurrently in Paris, NYC, and in the Oval Office of the White House -- he was commissioned by President Obama to paint a portrait of Thurgood Marshall. A review of the participating artists bios would impress any art lover.

"Cheryl and Amanda were the real heroes in the 'South of the Grapevine' story, as they helped to bring in some of the artists that were on my 'dream list' and were able to do so in a really short amount of time....Arte Américas is lucky to have allies like this," said Delgado.

Additionally, Kathleen Gallegos of the Highland Park gallery Avenue 50 Studio was able to not only refer three additional high-caliber artists to the exhibition -- she also agreed to collaborate with Delgado to present a group show featuring Valley artists in July of 2017.

"The show will be called NORTH of the Grapevine," said Delgado, "and serve as an educational counterpart to the SOUTH of the Grapevine exhibition." Up to twenty local artists will be included in the show to be presented in Los Angeles.

The Community Gallery is featuring works by Francisco Toledo, considered by many to be the most significant artist currently producing works in Mexico. The traveling exhibition is titled "Fabulas de Esopo" and is based on Aesop's Fables. Toledo makes his home in Oaxaca, Mexico and has curated the show to include wall text in Spanish and the indigenous Mixteco language.

In the Fresno Art Museum Partnership Gallery, Fresno artist Samantha Lazcano has unveiled a group of new works that showcase her evolving style and technique. The young artist has gone from showing at obscure Art Hop venues to participate in shows through the invitation of her highly acclaimed peers.

All shows close on Sunday Aug 21. A reception for the exhibitions is scheduled for THIS SATURDAY from noon - 4pm. The program for the reception will take place at 2pm. Reception is FREE to the public.

Gallery hours:

Thurs-Sat 11am-5pm

Sunday 1pm - 5pm

Admission is FREE


Participating Artists in South of the Grapevine:
Kelly Berg
Ben Botello
Oscar Castillo
Andrew Cervantes
Michael Chearney
Fabian Debora
Raoul de la Sota
Robert Graham
Chaz Guest
Collective Magpie
Raoul de la Sota
Shepard Fairey
Sophia Gasparian
Danny Greene
Kristina Hagman
George Herms
Ann Le
Alvaro Marquez
Kevin Stewart McGee
Martina Moreno
Lindsey Nobel
Arnold Puentes
Jose Ramirez
Momilani Ramstrum
Sandy Rodriguez
Raquel “Rocky” Rojas
Frank Romero
Lily Simonsen
Sergio Teran
Vincent Valdez
Linda Vallejo
The Phantom Street Artist
Sharon Weiner
Suzan Woodruff

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