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M The Myth: Interview

M the Myth is a pop artist born in Fresno, CA and destined to perform. Created with both male and female energies, M the Myth is an androgynous, abundant expression of life. This being is intentional: he writes, sings, and dances for joy.

The live show is highly stylized, rhythmic, and surreal. Bright costumes, dramatic wigs, and heartfelt movement bring an undeniable air of radiance to the stage. It isn’t always easy. M the Myth encounters resistance. It is only when he renounces his armor – the falsity of conformity, the comfort of stagnation – that he is truly free to be.

His debut album This is M dropped in October 2015 alongside a striking video for the lead single, “LGDA”. This music is for you. Tap into M the Myth and experience your own divine: the vital love between us all.

1. What are your musical influences?
I am influenced by Lady Gaga, Freddie Mercury/Queen, Michael Jackson, Chris Martin/Coldplay, David Bowie, Sara Bareilles, John Legend, Adele, Sia, Brandi Carlile, Timbaland and Max Martin.

2. Have they changed over time?
My musical influences have changed over time in terms of who I listen to. Growing up I was all about the Spice Girls, Britney Spears, Samantha Mumba, Destiny’s Child, Fefe Dobson, Backstreet Boys, Nsync, TLC and Aaliyah. These artists, and the producers and songwriters behind them, gave me a solid pop foundation. They taught me about the structure of pop music as well as great melody lines and hooks. They still influence my songwriting today.

3.What is your favorite part about performing?
Performing is my favorite part about being a pop artist. There is nothing like a live show, a roaring crowd, and loud music. Live performance is where the artist and the audience share their joy and passion for music, art and humanity. My favorite part about it is the audience interaction, especially when they go wild, dance, and sing.

4.Can you tell us about your first performance?
I have always performed. Since I was a kid, I’ve always loved entertaining my friends and family. I studied acting and performance before I became a musician. Throughout my youth I would perform on stage as both an actor and singer. But when I discovered I could write music, I knew that’s what I wanted to do with my life. I will never forget my first performance as a musician. I was a junior in college at Stanford, and I played an acoustic set at a co-op called EBF (Enchanted Broccoli Forest). I invited all of my friends and their friends and their friends. I can’t remember how many people ended up coming, but it was packed. The show began and I stormed out in my friend’s 6 inch heels, his grandma’s fedora and a thrift-store trench coat. I played a few originals and cover songs, recited some shakespeare, and danced a little. I ended the show by flashing everyone with the lingerie I was wearing underneath my coat. I’ll never forget that night, it was the beginning of it all.

5.What should an audience expect at an M the Myth show?
If you are coming to an M the Myth show, expect to be entertained. It’s always my goal to give my audience the best show they’ve ever seen. So for the hour or two I am playing, I’m giving you every breath I have. Expect to dance. I make my music with the club in mind and incorporate dance into my shows. Expect to get ‘the feels’. I sing a few emotional ballads. Expect the unexpected. What you will see is an energetic and raw performance and what you will experience will be both a vulnerable and pop-fun-filled event.

6.Can you tell us what it was like to make the video LGDA?
Making the music video for LGDA was one of the most exciting experiences I’ve ever had. It was also one of the most humbling experiences, too. I raised over $5000 with my manager to fund the video. It was so amazing to realize how many supporters I have. Everyone involved in this project was amazing. William Green, the director of cinematography for Sage the Gemini’s “Red Nose” and “Gas Pedal” was my director for this video. Working with him was a dream come true. His artistic vision and mine aligned perfectly. I remember filming for most of the day and barely having a moment to rest because there were so many scenes and about eight costume changes. Needless to say, making this music video was a divine experience.

7.Do you write your own music and lyrics yourself?
Yes, I love writing! I write my own music and I sometimes collaborate. It is always important to collaborate, because it helps you become better at whatever you’re doing. It expands your perspective. Though, I love writing by myself and jamming out alone. You know it’s funny what they say about musicians, they have to have two kinds of desires. The desire to be alone and create and then the desire to perform and share with others. I have definitely witnessed these forces of ying and yang in my process. But I do love collaborating because it makes the experience of writing less lonely. Then again, sometimes I need to be alone. My most recent work, the “This is M” EP, had three collaborations on it with a total of eight songs.

8.What is your creative process like?
My creative process for music is so fun! I sit down at the piano and I let my creative juices roll. I’ll find a chord progression I resonate with and start recording on my phone. Then I start playing and singing; sometimes a whole song will just come out right then and there--the words might be mushed or unintelligible but the melody will be there and some key phrases of the chorus will manifest too. After I have a basic rough draft of the song, I’ll fine tune each individual part, the verses, choruses and bridge. Then when I’ve finished that, I’ll produce an acoustic piano track and record my vocals. One of my favorite things to do with pop music is to boil it down to the basic acoustic versions; so I try to start off with that acoustic version before I go into production. After the song is written and recorded acoustically, I’ll take the music and produce it in ableton live and create a beat. I sometimes work with another producer to create beats for my songs too. When the song is fully produced, I’ll go into the recording studio and finish the track there.
My creative process for different projects like shows or videos varies, but the constant in each project I create is a path of joyous emotion that I follow.

9.Are you currently producing another album?
Yes, right now I am working on another album. It will be my first album, the last was my debut EP. I am currently producing and writing songs for the project. All I can say about it is that this project is my best work yet.

10.What drives your music?
My desire to release my inner most thoughts and emotions that I can’t express through conversation, or any other means of communication, drives me to make music. For me, music is a conversation you have with your listeners. Music is reflective and expressive, and anyone who has experienced a piece of music that really made them feel something knows how music can influence and heighten emotional energies. Daniel Levitin, a neuroscientist and musician, wrote a booked called “This is Your Brain On Music” and in it he argues that music is the advantageous result of human evolution connecting the human race with each other for further survival of our species. My urge to make music is primal, as well as our desire to hear it.

11.Who is your target audience?
Anyone who enjoys dancing, singing, having fun, and expressing who they are in that moment and who they want to become is my target audience. I am a genderqueer artist and I am wanting to share new ideas about gender with the world.

12.Where do you see yourself in a year... in five years?
In a year, I see myself having signed with a record label that allows me the freedom to express my visions, performing across the USA, having created more music videos as well as music, writing for myself and for other artists, and being on the radio. In five years, I see myself selling out major stadium shows, and attending music award shows including the Grammys, AMAs, MTV Music Video Awards, being nominated and winning those awards. I see myself setting cultural trends that shape the way we see gender. I see myself evoking clarity in others and inspiring them to live their own dreams. I see myself as a very, very happy and passionate person.

13.What else should our readers know about M the Myth?
I’m releasing a new single called “I’m Holding On” this summer 2016. It’s a pop ballad about loving someone who will never love you in return. Also, if you want to truly experience what M the Myth is about come to a live show; there you will see the energy I channel and share with my audience. You can find my music on Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, SoundCloud and YouTube, so please listen, share, and subscribe. I’m on Twitter and Instagram @m_the_myth. Oh, and one last thing, I love you!


  1. Can't wait to see M the Myth at Fulton 55 on 7.14 for the Orlando benefit concert!!!

  2. I love you M you inspire me!


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