Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Lady Bunny On PC Culture


Iconic comedian Lady Bunny knows all too well that the searing discrimination and violence towards LGBT people dampens our ability to laugh in dark times.

She watched as a dark cloud descended on her native North Carolina, which just enacted a sweeping anti-LGBT law that explicitly targets trans people and outlaws any local efforts to protect LGBT citizens. Even in her adopted city of New York — so often considered a progressive, tolerant haven — Bunny is keenly aware of the vicious attacks against transgender individuals.

But irreverent laughter has always brought marginalized people together in the toughest of times, Bunny insists. She tells The Advocate that she's looking to help her audiences find crucial moments of levity in a world of perilious LGBT politics.

That's exactly what Bunny hopes to do with her upcoming show, Trans-Jester, which runs April 13-30 at New York City’s Stonewall Inn.

By opening her show at the Stonewall, the titular site of LGBT liberation — a historical landmark made famous by the days-long protest that ensued after police raided the bar on June 28, 1969 — Lady Bunny hopes to show that raucous comedy still has a place within the current political landscape.

Read the interview at THE ADVOCATE

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