Wednesday, January 13, 2016

EVENT: Love Wins Photo Shoot



Let's put the Central Valley on the map! The hashtag #LoveWins is being used to showcase supporters of marriage equality around the nation and across the world. Our #LoveWins photo shoot will put the Valley into the virtual conversation on social media just in time for Valentine's Day.

Join us at The Painted Table for free professional photos of you and your special someone plus indulge in our sweets bar.

It's a memorable time in history for us to witness marriage equality in the United States, but many others are still fighting for this right. Band with us and let's show the world that love is love and love will win!

Meet our photographer: Kiana Medina is a young, proud queer photographer. She's had over a year of experience being a professional photographer and photo editor. Her passion for capturing beautiful moments, fueled with her LGBT+ activism make her the perfect person to make this moment special.


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