Thursday, January 21, 2016

Bi Women Writers Needed!

Are you a bi woman who likes to write?

Bi Women Quarterly is looking for article submissions!

Spring 2016: “Out at Work (or Not)”
According to a recent study, nearly half of bisexual people report that they are not out to any of their coworkers (49%), compared to just 24% of lesbian and gay people. What’s your story?
Submissions for this issue are due by February 1st.

Summer 2016: “Labels”Those of us who identify between (or outside of) gay and straight use a lot of different labels. Which one(s) do you use, and why? Do you use different labels in different contexts? Are you comfortable in your label(s)? What are the challenges/ benefits of labeling?
Submissions for this issue are due by May 1st.

Here is their current issue and here is the submission guidelines!

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