Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Leilani Blog - No B*@t#! I’m Beyonce!

I wake up (flawless, no less) and look in the mirror and say…

“Bitch! You are not Beyonce!”

I laugh and then start my day off by checking Facebook for all the positive community support.

Yes, that was sarcasm!

I see so many people within this community who think that they are KING B herself!

Let me just say this…

This is my opinion. It does not reflect on or represent any organization I am affiliated with. Yeah, I’ve said that a few times…so sue me.

Ladies and Gents let me speak bluntly – YOU ARE NOT BEYONCE!

Even if you were Beyonce, I’m sure Beyonce wouldn’t be so arrogant and ruthless. Okay, maybe you embody (get me bodied) some qualities that she displays but LISTEN LINDA, Beyonce does a lot of good.

It’s called philanthropy. Ohhhhh! A big word!

We have this image of Beyonce being so amazing because she can sing, dance, rap and act. Okay, she can’t really act, but she gets a C- for trying. We forget all the positive things she does for the LGBTQ community worldwide. Yes, children, there is more to Fresno than Woodward Park and $2 Tuesdays at Chukchansi Park.

We idolize people for the wrong reasons! Focus on the good in what the community has to offer or the vision of what that ONE person is trying to bring to Fresno.

Whispers…We need to support our community.

How you may ask? It’s simple!

Come to a local fundraising event. It might be free or it might cost $20. It’s doing a good deed! Not every good deed means that you are physically helping out. It could mean you’re donating the ticket price back to the community or purchasing a t-shirt to support a local organization. It might mean attending any number of club events held all over Fresno that support local organizations.

So grab Kelly and Michelle and head out to your nearest community fundraiser and do some good for Fresno! Remember you can’t be a DIVA unless you CHECK UP ON IT.

It’s not the END OF TIME, it’s a sign that WE can RUN THE WORLD!

That’s all, for now…

Dances off stage wearing a black onesie

…Leilani Price

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