Monday, August 24, 2015

EVENT: Back To School Night @Black Oak Casino

Join Us & Team STR8 with a TWIST for Fresno Aids Walk for an evening of fun, food, bowling, games of chance, entertainment, and great company. We will be leaving from the secured parking of Golden Eagle Charter. Bus loads at 4:00pm departs at: 4:15. Bus return time approximately: 2:30am.
We will be receiving $10-e-cash, $5-food (voucher), $5 match play (table games), 25% gift shop discount, & 10% coffeeshop discount...

So, all said and done, the cost is ...ONLY $5....WOW! The lounge entertainment for the evening will be: The Cheesballs, from San Fransisco.

Bring a school supply and receive 2 raffle tickets. Bring 50 pull tabs and receive a raffle ticket (all supplies and pull tabs donated to VPLC).

Join Us For..."the most...w-u-nderful t-i-i-i-me of the ye-e-ear!"

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