Friday, August 14, 2015

Breaking Barriers! Help The Fresno LGBT Center Expand

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The Fresno LGBT Community Center moved into our new space in December of 2014. The space works much better for us than our last, cramped facility. However...we have known since day one that our meeting room facilities did not meet the needs of the community. While our Center was larger and offered so much more diversity, the meeting room was not what we needed to serve the community...

So we need to expand...

Click HERE to support our expansion!
Click HERE to support our expansion!

The good news is that we have the space to do so, and the landlord has approved us breaking down walls to make a better and bigger space for the LGBT community. We have received contractor bids and have now created a fundraising page in order to reach out to the community to help us raise the money necessary to create a meeting space that will benefit the community.

Currently we can fit 8-12 in our meeting room. With the expansion, we'll be able to accommodate 30-40 people. This will allow us to provide vital meeting space to so many groups that are seeking a home. It will also allow us to host more events that will benefit the LGBT Community. The possibilities are exciting.

We provide this space FREE to the community, and it has the possibility to make a real difference to groups and organizations that have no place to meet and gather.

We are asking you to support our expansion, in order to better serve the community...

Click HERE to support our expansion!

From our Fundraiser Page...

Our space needs more space! 

Thankfully our landlord has approved the removal of a wall in our current location in order to dramatically increase our meeting room. This remodel will allow us to facilitate more (and bigger) groups! This is vital in order to accommodate the various groups and organizations who need to use the meeting room for meetings, events, social groups, etc. We never charge anyone for the use of our Community Center so we need your help to make this expansion happen!

The funds will be used to tear out the wall, provide structural support once it's gone, patch up the space, fix the floor, repaint, etc. 

Help us break down this wall as we continue to break down the barriers between us!

All donations to Gay Central Valley and the Fresno LGBT Community Center are tax deductible. We are an official 501c3 nonprofit. Our Tax ID# is 26-4218296

Click HERE to support our expansion!

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