Monday, August 17, 2015

17th Trans Murder Reported In Missouri

Courtesy The Advocate

Tamara Dominguez of Kansas City is the latest transgender American murdered in 2015, in a brutal killing that police have not labeled a hate crime.

Dominguez was seen by witnesses stepping out of a black Chevrolet Avalanche SUV on Saturday, Aug. 15 at 3 A.M., according to Kansas City TV station KCTV. Police told the station the male driver then struck her with the vehicle, and ran over her body at least two more times.

Friends and family laid flowers at the scene of the crime, near the parking lot of a church, in her memory.

A friend of Dominguez, Juan Rendon, translated a message of forgiveness from her Spanish-speaking brother, Alberto, who was in tears.

"He just want to say to the person that did that to her, that he would forgive them for what he did to her, and he hopes that he can forget what he did. We are not here to judge nobody, and he hopes that person really feels bad for what her did."

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