Friday, July 24, 2015

The Leilani Blog - Is “READING” really FUN-da-MENTAL?

THE LEILANI BLOG is a new Gay Central Valley Blog feature from Leilani Price, the current Empress of the Fresno Imperial Dove Court and a fabulous and fierce Fresno drag queen…

What is reading?

No, I am not talking about from a book. I am talking about the shade being thrown on the microphones, social media and backstage to fellow queens and bar patrons.

Does everyone know now?

Lately, I have observed queens and bar goers being just plain salty/mean to one another. SHOCKER, I know. The Queen of Mean herself Leilani Price complaining that people are being salty when I myself have contributed to increasing high blood pressure to most of Fresno for my filthy mouth and offensives insults.

My personal opinion, and it’s just that, is that we as queens have blurred the lines of being mean and reading one another in good FUN. Nowadays we get upset when someone talks about our makeup, costuming, our fried dried and laid to the side wigs or even our performances.

Now, I know that being mean as a guest in another bar is never the BEST option considering that in Fresno we have limited bars to perform in. Ladies, a helpful hint used in bigger cities like San Francisco…. Drum roll please…. SUPPORT ONE ANOTHER and remind yourselves that this is FRESNO and not RuPaul’s Drag Race. This is not a competition and you are not going to win $100,000 and there’s no camera recording you for the masses to watch.

For about three and a half years, I have been hosting and I’ve been told “You’re a mean B***h Leilani, I’m not going on stage!”. My personal favorite is when I ask for someone to volunteer and I hear crickets when I’m looking at a crowded dance floor. Know that if you are going to a drag show, a few things may happen. You may get offended, you may get picked on for your last season Armani Exchange t shirt or you may be subject to a random booty shaking contest or be harassed about what you posted last night on social media. It’s called SHOW BUSINESS kids! Drag queens are like comedians…well comedians that wear a lot of makeup, large amounts of unnatural hair and typically are hungry.

So when a queen is reading you at her show, take it as a compliment! She’s not being mean to you, she’s trying to entertain you and the audience. There’s no need for you to retaliate and embarrass her on the mic or on social media. Just take the FREE SHOT, smile, laugh and wave because that mean salty queen just gave you 15 seconds of fame that you didn’t have.

So in closing folks, if there’s one piece of advice that I can give you…. It’s don’t be mean or salty, save that for the rim of your margarita fairly priced at your local gay bar.

:: drops mic and walks off stage ::

Leilani Price

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