Monday, July 13, 2015

New Bulletin Board

Not to get all nostalgia here (or date myself) but I remember bulletin boards.

You know the sort... the ones covered with push pins and a rainbow of colored fliers.

Lost Dog!

Need a Ride to [insert name of music show]

Roommate wanted: must be clean and have a job/

Guitar lessons... CHEAP!

Need a Math Tutor?

I know that on college campuses libraries (and community centers) there are still these physical things that pre-date social media.

But I also know that most of us are on the internet and belong to various Facebook groups like "Help Stop Crime in the Tower" "Lost Pets of the Tower" "Garage Sales of Clovis" "Frugal moms Couppn Share!" etc and that is how we find out about events, deals, possible swim instructors for our kids, gay friendly businesses....

Which is why I am glad that there is now a LGBTQ+ Community Bulletin Board page on Facebook.

Check it out, spread the word... and stay connected!

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