Monday, April 27, 2015

EVENT: Stockton LGBT Youth


Over the past few months the SJPC LGBT Youth Stakeholder Committee has been convening and discussing what actions we could take to make all the school's throughout San Joaquin County safer for LGBT youth. Now is the time we reach out to the general public and ask for your help with our work.

The Youth Stakeholder Committee is comprised of staff representing Stockton Unified, Lincoln Unified, Linden Unified, Tracy Unified and parents and students from all over San Joaquin County. What we've discovered is that there are four laws currently on the books that require/encourage safe school climates for LGBT youth and yet not a single district in San Joaquin County is compliant with all aspects of these laws. These unfunded mandates are the result of budget shortages and in some cases the lack of political will. However, because of Local Control Funding Formula our local school districts have more say over how they spend their education dollars and that's opened up an opportunity for us to demand for the funding of proven programs that make our schools safer for LGBT youth. Let us make this clear: Other community demographics have been organizing for months demanding funding for programs they believe will help their constituents. We can not let our LGBT youth be ignored!!! We only have weeks left to be heard.

Please join us this Tuesday at the San Joaquin Pride Center at 6 pm to learn how you can help us fight for our LGBT youth. This meeting and this opportunity is the most important thing any of us can do to protect our LGBT youth for generations to come. Please join us in this fight. Without you, we don't have a movement.

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