Monday, April 20, 2015

EVENT: ICE Out of Fresno

March with us on Friday, May 1st in Downtown Fresno as we fight to get ICE out of Fresno and demand Not 1 More deportation! We cannot settle for DACA/DAPA and we cannot continue to get caught up in thinking that immigration reform will solve all of our problems. Both political parties will continue to use our community and pander for votes. We say no to the Deporter in Chief and we reject Republican and Democratic attempts to further criminalize us through enforcement programs like PEP-COMM, militarization of the border and the bed quota.

We seek a complete overhaul of U.S. foreign policy that causes the displacement of folks south of the border and across the world. We call for an end to man-made borders and advocate for unrestricted movement of all peoples. We're fighting for more than just papers, we want a life of dignity and respect for all. Will you rise up and join us in fighting back?


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