Thursday, March 5, 2015

Supreme Court Sets Date For Marriage Equality Hearings

The Supreme Court has set an official date to hear the marriage equailty cases that could decide the matter for the entire country, once and for all. That date is Tuesday, April 18th, 2015. Although, as usual, there won't be video from the court hearings, audio recordings are set to be available the same day by 2PM. The hearing is scheduled to last two and a half hours. 

Attorneys on both sides of the issue, in all four cases, will have a combined two-and-a-half hours to address two central questions posed by the Court when it announced its review of the marriage cases in January.Those questions, which encompass the fundamental issues raised in all four cases, are: 
"Does the Fourteenth Amendment require a state to license a marriage between two people of the same sex?" and "Does the Fourteenth Amendment require a state to recognize a marriage between two people of the same sex when their marriage was lawfully licensed and performed out-of-state?"

A decision, after the hearing, can come at any time, but is expected in late June of 2015.

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In a related story, hundreds of corporations have signed on to support gay marriage and to urge the Supreme Court to do so...

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