Tuesday, March 31, 2015

EVENT:Community Heart Circle at the Merced LGBT Center

Nature is full of circles: the moon, the sun, the earth, the planetary motions, the back-and-forth of sharing and friendship and loving, even the laws of karma. Honoring the sacred tradition of holding space for heart-centered listening and sharing, we will draw upon the wisdom of the ancients as we call another Heart Circle for everyone on Sunday, April 5th. 

The heart circle is an ancient tool for honest and effective communication in a team or community. We will also bring out the sage, feathers, and a magical talisman that will be our talking stick for the ceremony. Everyone gets an equal chance to share or just listen without judgment or cross-talk.

We'll begin with a potluck, at the center, at 6:30pm (we encourage you to bring a healthy dish to share...after all, this is a ritual of community nourishment--let's feed our spirits & our bodies). The calling of the directions and invocation of the Heart Circle will begin around 7:15pm, and weather permitting, we will move outside for our ceremony.

We will also hold space after the circle for community building or meditations, For more information on the Talking/healing/heart circle, talking sticks, and other details, check out this great article:


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