Monday, February 9, 2015

Sound Off: Transparent

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Topic: Transparent

This show is one of the first in terms of original programing from Amazon. There has been some backlash, but the show has also won some pretty impressive awards.

Premise:  Mort has a secret that he really wants to tell his three adult children, who are so self-absorbed they don't see that something has changed for divorced, girlfriendless dad. Even when he invites them to dinner en masse to share his news, somehow, the conversation becomes about them. The secret unfolds, though, when he comes home and sees his married daughter getting intimate with her ex. Now, he knows her secret; she learns his; and the dysfunctional family finds one secret after another being exposed.

If you haven't seen the show, you are invited to come to the Fresno LGBT Community Center's media library and watch it on the Center's Prime account.

Sound Off: What do you think of the show? Do you think it is fair to the Transgender community? Does the ephasis on the cis gender family members bother you, or help you feel connected to the story? Did you notice that even though it is a trans-centered show, the screen shot that amazon chose to use in promo trailers is of a cis/straight couple? Do you think that matters?

What do you think of Transparent?

Loved it!
Hated it!
Haven't seen it, but I want to!
Ugh, don't want to watch it at all.
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