Monday, February 9, 2015

Q & A With Jeromie Hansen

Jeromie Hansen lives in Fresno and is married to Rod C Hansen.  Jeromie and Rod co own and operate The Painted Table and Brown Bag Burger Bar for Food Pallate LLC.   They live in downtown fresno and are loving being an active part of our community.

How long have you lived in the Central Valley?

I have lived in the central valley for most of my life.  I moved to Mercer Island for 12 years for  school. 

Married or single?


When did you come out to the first person in your life, or are you a straight ally?

My mother was driving me to school when I was 12 years old and told me “ Sweetie I love you and I know you are different from the other kids …. I told her.. yeah I think I like boys.”   It was very un-dramatic, but I had a great support system my whole life. 

Something you like about yourself?

My compassion and love for people. 

Something you dislike about yourself?

I forget to stop to smell the roses at times.  I need to take more breaks. 

Character trait in others that you most admire?

I love surrounding my self with like minded people that are kind, loving and eager to help others. 

Character trait in others that you most dislike?

Negativity is the most disliked quality in people I can not tolerate 

What is your biggest regret?

I live a life of no regrets. 

What are you most passionate about?

I am passionate about everything I do.  I only do “With Purpose” .  

Favorite thing to do in your free time?

My free time is spent working on my business.  Being self employed and in order to keep my company growing and my staff employed, I must always keep ideas fresh, inspired and full of positive energy. I love spending my free time this way.  

What aggravates you the most?

Things I can not fix or peoples stupidity.  

What makes you the happiest?

The time I get to spend with my husband traveling 

What are you, quite frankly, over?

I am over the people who judge others and cause drama for people who are trying to just make positive changes or trying to be themselves.  I am over this !  The judgers and drama makers need to take a close look at themselves and realize they are just hurting themselves.  Step back or MOVE THE F out of town and leave us all alone.  Go make some other community miserable.  

What is your biggest challenge?

My weight.  

What was your favorite decade so far?

My favorite decade was the 1990’s!  When I met Rod we had so much fun and were just kids with no responsibilities.  So much fun! 

Who is your favorite person to talk to?

My husband is my best friend and my favorite person to talk to for the past 25yrs. 

Name a person you know personally who has had the biggest impact on you?

Rod Hansen - he saved me over the years many many times.  He has made me the man I am today.  He is my world. 

Name a person you dont know who has had the biggest impact on you?

The Dalai Lama

The most important lesson youve learned so far?

You can not change a person you love.  You need to accept them for the way they are.  The moment you try to change that person is the beginning of the end.  Love that person for all the flaws and love that person for who they are….. or not. 

Besides a phone, what piece of technology can you not live without?

GPS ! 

What superpower would you most like to have?

I would love to have the power to heal others. 

Who would you like to play you in a movie about your life?

I would like to play my father.  So I can show him how he could of done a better job. 

What is the best part of your day?

When I come home and see my doggies and they snort and beg me for treats. 

What is your proudest moment?

Marrying my best friend. 

Who did you overlook in your past?

It is hard to say I overlooked anyone in my past… but I guess it would of been someone negative and not worthy of my time. 

What have you overcome?

Poverty, failure, divorce, foster care, abuse, and I have overcome the fear of keeping unhealthy family members in my life.

Where your ideal place to live?

My ideal place is where ever my roots are.  Fresno is the place for this time in my life.  Would love to retire on Oahu.

What words do you live by?

“Quit your bitchen and get out of my kitchen”… actually that is Rods favorite saying.  I guess words I live by are : Do with purpose, be honest, be honorable and be a man and be kind to others.  I love taking care of others and don’t expect anything in return. 

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