Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Fresno LGBT Community Center Pot of Gold!

March is a time of good luck and searching for that pot of gold or that cute Leprechaun at the end of the rainbow. Seeing as we are a huge fan of rainbows here at the Fresno LGBT Community Center, we have decided that we’d love to give a pot of golden treasure to our community Leprechauns!

Come by the Fresno LGBT Community Center NOW till the end of March to pick up your pot to collect funds and race to be our best Leprechaun. Maybe that spare change you have rattling around in your car or the spare change of your coworkers could help you win fabulous prizes! Keep it on your desk at work. Keep it on your dresser at home. Keep it anywhere you like and collect up change for your Community Center!

For every leprechaun that drops by to pick up a pot of gold we will add their name to a bar of gold in our lobby under the Pot of Gold. At the end of March we will award our best Leprechaun with a pot of gold treasure!

Can’t make it by the community center to pick up a pot of gold? Post a selfie with your pot of gold on our Fresno LGBT Community Center Facebook page and we will add your name to our pot of gold wall. Have fun you fabulous Leprechauns!

Want to check out what your money is benefiting? Check out our website or stop by Tuesday-Saturday 12-5!

Please note all pot of gold are due back at the center by April 6th to be in the running to win awesome prizes!

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