Saturday, February 28, 2015

Circus Et Cetera at The Rogue Festival

Circus Et Cetera  will be performing live at this year’s Rogue Festival, starting this week. They will be bringing the astounding variety you've come to expect. 

Each showing is unique! Fire! Dance! Aerial! Sideshow! Strength! 
$10 per night!

Full Circle Brewing Co.  620 F Street, Fresno, CA 93706

Feb 28th at 10:30pm ~Bearded Lady Pageant Night!~
March 6th at 9:00pm
March 7th at 10:00pm

I asked Derrick Vermin about the group and what to expect at this year’s festival…

Tell us about Circus Et Cetera...when was it born and what's the concept?

Circus Et Cetera was founded in 2012. Through years of previous experience in and around performance art, we accumulated a variety of performance tastes as well as a variety of contacts. We saw performers put their heart into an act but still be limited to a demographic, or only be able to perform a few times a year. We wanted a stage that all kinds of performers would be able to share together, for everyone to see. With such a diverse group of people, there was nothing else to call it but a circus!

What do you look for in your performers?

We look for performers that are not just skilled, but are unique performers. The ones that may have felt trapped inside the box of where they began, or where they currently perform. The kind of people that have the crazy dreams and ideas that they are shy to even bring up to others. There’s not really any rules in the circus, so we’re looking for people that are looking for us!

Where can people see your performances?

We started out by spontaneously showing up during ArtHop, but have since been hired for events, shows, festivals, private parties. We’ve performed at venues like Fulton 55, Fresno Brewing Company, Peeve’s, Pacific Southwest Building’s Ballroom, and Fulton Mall for numerous city events. Also quite a few parades! But we really love to host our own shows such as the Rogue Show. Full Circle Brewing has been a kind of home to us. But really, there’s no telling where we’ll perform next; you’ll have to follow us on Facebook to see which shows come up next!

What's the most exciting development you've seen in Circus Et Cetera since it's inception?

At first we were only a collective of existing performances. Tuning into our imaginations have resulted in new types of acts not seen locally, or sometimes anywhere. Working together with the Fresno Ideaworks, we’ve been able to build what our dreams showed us. From a device that turns musical sound waves into fire, to giant air bazookas that shoot rings of smoke. What began as a collective is now a foundation for creative minds to conjure up fresh and new combined ideas.

What's your favorite moment so far?

Our special event- "Circus Et Cetera's Night of Nights". It was a four hour long non-stop performance, plus a band and DJ's, an oddities booth, vendors, and just... craziness. Over 500 people in attendance, and they were all told to dress up, and wow they did. It was like our very own circus Halloween/costume party where everybody was IN the circus for one night. 

What can people expect from you at The Rogue Festival this year?

Some old faces, some new faces. Expect to be wowed! Other shows you might have to sit quietly through them, but ours will give you something to cheer and scream about during our acts!

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