Friday, October 10, 2014

IMOW: Lesbian rapper breaks hip hop glass ceiling.

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A Positive Movement in Hip Hop
Yolanda Walker

Hip Hop rap culture has been around for many years. Those who are familiar with the rap industry ideologies and its practices know that there is a (not always silent) homophobic stigma towards LGBT rap artists.

However, as the Hip Hop culture evolves into a new generation, a determined, innovative, and liberating lesbian rap artist named Siya has generated much buzz within the Hip Hop community.

Her willingness to share her sexuality and talent has generated mixed reviews, but Siya has gained a lot of support from major music labels and well known rap artists who both embrace her sexuality and recognize her fierce talent.

This positive movement within the Rap / Hip Hop culture can only mean good things for Hip Hop generations to come.


Siya, born Michele Sherman, is an openly gay rapper, who became infamously known for her spot on complex magazines "10 New York rappers to watch for". She currently stars on Sisterhood of Hip Hop, an American reality television series on Oxygen starring five female rappers who "navigate their way through the male-dominated music industry." The show premiered on August 12, 2014.

 Check out Siya's latest video:

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