Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fresno LGBT Center HAS To Move - Please DONATE

Our landlord has just informed us that our rent will be going up by 70% starting December 1st!!! (We will also now face a monthly utility bill on top of this huge increase.)


This leaves us in a bad position. As many of you know, our current space has some major drawbacks: wheelchair accessibility, size (it is very small), heating and cooling issues, the inability to have larger community events (we no longer have permission to host things like our annual Spring Fling Event etc), and the lack of private and clean bathrooms.

This increase is detrimental to our current community outreach and severely limits our ability to function and grow 

We have found a new location that is still in the Tower District and will cost around the same amount as the rent increase… but is almost three times the size and has NONE of the above issues.

Moving to a new place is a big deal and requires a big leap of faith in our community.

As you know, Gay Central Valley is supported by the community we serve and has no paid positions (Staff and Board members are all volunteer). Virtually all our operational expenses come from fundraising events, tip jars, and donors like you.

When you contribute to this campaign, you will ensure that the community center not only survives but thrives.

We are hoping to raise the first six months rent as well as the security deposit in the next 30 days so we can make this move happen. 100% of your donation (which is tax deductible) goes directly to meet our goal of $6,165.  

Some of the FREE programs at the LGBT Center….

  • Registered Safe Place with Fresno EOC
  • Resource hub with information and brochures for dozens of community groups and events
  • Legal Rights Workshops
  • Media Lending Library (books and DVDs) with community computer and printer
  • Twice a month HIV and Hep C testing
  • Transgender Clothing Exchange
  • Name / Gender Change Workshops
  • Tax workshops for same sex couples
  • Family Planning seminars
  • Financial Planning Seminars
  • Game days
  • Spring Fling Health Fair
  • Ongoing support and social groups (Poly Family, Sexual Compulsives, Book Club, Transgender Support, Movie Night, LGBT Chat, Pink Panthers, Weight Loss)

Our new location will allow us to continue facilitating all of these programs and groups as well as many many more.

PLEASE consider supporting YOUR Fresno LGBT Community Center!

For other ways to support Gay Central Valley (including how to become a monthly donor), please visit our main site .

Thank you!

 *Gay Central Valley is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Our Tax ID is Tax ID 26-4218296

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