Friday, May 30, 2014

Last State In The Nation Will File Suit

Given the speed that marriage equality is moving across the nation, it's understandable that it might be hard to keep up. Now comes the news that the last state in the country will be filing a lawsuit challenging the constitionality of the ban on same sex marriage. 

North Dakota, the last holdout, is about to join the fray...

“There will be a case filed challenging North Dakota’s same-sex marriage ban,” says Joshua Newville, a Minneapolis-based civil rights attorney who filed a suit Thursday against South Dakota’s ban on behalf of same-sex couples there.

Newville is in talks with advocates and attorneys in North Dakota and confirmed that either he or another attorney will bring a lawsuit against that state’s ban within six to eight weeks.

Until Wednesday, just three of the 33 states that ban same-sex marriage had not been sued over those policies. But same-sex couples sued Montana that day and South Dakota on Thursday, leaving only North Dakota’s unchallenged.

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