Friday, May 16, 2014

Amy Kushnir Gets it SO Wrong...

Amy Kushnir is way off the mark. She says you can't express your opinion in America anymore if it doesn't match up to the "mainstream" view. Hey, LGBT Community, I guess we're finally the mainstream view. How cool is that? Yes, Amy, you can still always express your opinion in America, no matter what it is, but there are consequences. You don't get to live in a bubble, where your opinion is spoken and not debated or criticized. THAT'S not America. So speak your mind, but get ready for the backlash. The same way racist views are denounced, we've now come to a time when homophobic views are denounced. It's a new world...and if television is so damaging to your kids, then turn it off...or better yet, how about explaining things to your kids instead?

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