Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Faux Queen Show!

                What is a faux queen? If you are looking in Fresno look no further than Mz. Gay Fresno Hazzard Strange. She defined faux queen or bio queen as, “a biological female that impersonates a drag queen, an illusion an art that all falls under the drag tree.”
                Mz. Strange said, “Drag is for everybody and anybody as long as you bring it, what lies between your legs is irrelevant.”  She adored drag queens and has a deep love for the culture and theater characters. At the time she thought drag was only for guys and that there would be no place in it for her.
                “Hell bent and determined,” Hazzard did some research and found out there was a place for her in drag after all. She researched some of the more famous faux queens, participated in pageants in San Francisco and now officially been a faux queen for three years.
                Friday, May 9, SheBar will be teaming up with with Mz. Hazzard Strange to bring Fresno’s Second Annual Faux Queen Show. This year’s show she said has “a huge variety of performers that are coming under one roof. We have fish queens, campy queens, glamorous queens, scary queens, witty queens and more. Some are seasoned queens who have a well of knowledge and can teach people about the world of fauxs. And we have some first timers who will take on the stage as well.”
                Local favorites, drag kings turned faux, and faux queens from San Francisco are all taking the stage at North Tower Circle.  Hazzard says, “one of the things I'm most excited is the queen of fauxs and my personal inspiration to take on the stage, Holy Mcgrail will be coming down to be a part of the night as well. It's like a dream to work with the queen whom I look up to in such a big way.”
                Hazzard hopes this night will “open the doors to more females who may have wanted to start drag themselves. I want this night to excite people and show that faux queens are real we are here and everyday continue to prove our worth in drag. Education and fun, at the end of the night I want people to have learned a thing or two but most of all just to have a blast.”

                For more information on this event and all the amazing performers on the list please check out the event page 2014 Faux Queen Show

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