Monday, April 28, 2014

“GEN SILENT” (2011)
LGBT Elders Film and Discussion
Sponsored by LGBT+ Allies Network
Tues. April 29th • 12:30-2:00pm
Henry Madden Library • Room 3212
Free admission • Parking available for $3 per vehicle
Central Valley Cultural Heritage Institute • 559.278.6946

TRANSGENDER SHORT FILMS PROJECTSponsored by LGBT+ Allies Network and United Student Pride
Tues. April 29th • 3:30-5:30pm
Music Building • Room 160
Free admission • Parking available for $3 per vehicle
Central Valley Cultural Heritage Institute • 559.278.6946

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Faux Queen Show!

                What is a faux queen? If you are looking in Fresno look no further than Mz. Gay Fresno Hazzard Strange. She defined faux queen or bio queen as, “a biological female that impersonates a drag queen, an illusion an art that all falls under the drag tree.”
                Mz. Strange said, “Drag is for everybody and anybody as long as you bring it, what lies between your legs is irrelevant.”  She adored drag queens and has a deep love for the culture and theater characters. At the time she thought drag was only for guys and that there would be no place in it for her.
                “Hell bent and determined,” Hazzard did some research and found out there was a place for her in drag after all. She researched some of the more famous faux queens, participated in pageants in San Francisco and now officially been a faux queen for three years.
                Friday, May 9, SheBar will be teaming up with with Mz. Hazzard Strange to bring Fresno’s Second Annual Faux Queen Show. This year’s show she said has “a huge variety of performers that are coming under one roof. We have fish queens, campy queens, glamorous queens, scary queens, witty queens and more. Some are seasoned queens who have a well of knowledge and can teach people about the world of fauxs. And we have some first timers who will take on the stage as well.”
                Local favorites, drag kings turned faux, and faux queens from San Francisco are all taking the stage at North Tower Circle.  Hazzard says, “one of the things I'm most excited is the queen of fauxs and my personal inspiration to take on the stage, Holy Mcgrail will be coming down to be a part of the night as well. It's like a dream to work with the queen whom I look up to in such a big way.”
                Hazzard hopes this night will “open the doors to more females who may have wanted to start drag themselves. I want this night to excite people and show that faux queens are real we are here and everyday continue to prove our worth in drag. Education and fun, at the end of the night I want people to have learned a thing or two but most of all just to have a blast.”

                For more information on this event and all the amazing performers on the list please check out the event page 2014 Faux Queen Show

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

EVENT: USP LGBTQ+ Graduation Ceremony

We’re Here! We’re Queer! We’re Graduating!
UNITED STUDENT PRIDE PRESENTSInaugural LGBTQ+ Graduates’ Recognition Ceremony
In recognition of Fresno State’s Class of 2014
Friday, May 16th at 2:30pm
Peters Educational Center • Fresno State

(Fresno, Calif.) Fresno State’s LGBT+ Student Organization, United Student Pride, is hosting the first-ever LGBTQ+ Graduate’s Recognition Ceremony on Friday, May 16th from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. The event will take place the Leon S. and Pete P. Peters Educational Center, adjacent to the Student Recreation and located west of the Save Mart Center. Admission and parking are free. All members and allies of the community are encouraged to attend.

United Student Pride is thrilled to present Fresno State’s first-ever LGBTQ+ Graduate’s Recognition Ceremony,” said Curtis Lee, USP Vice President. “This special ceremony will coincide with Fresno State’s 103rd Commencement.”

“We have nearly 20 graduating seniors signed up for this inaugural event,” added Miguel Bueno, USP Events Coordinator. “United Student Pride has impressive guest speakers and a well-respected platform party, too.”
ABOUT UNITED STUDENT PRIDEFounded in 1987, United Student Pride (USP) is a student organization at Fresno State that seeks to offer activities, as well as various opportunities for involvement that have educational and social value. It seeks to provide a safe, supportive, and welcoming atmosphere for LGBT+ students and allies. USP has proudly embodied Fresno State's motto "Discovery, Diversity, Distinction." for the past 27 years. • FACEBOOK:
California State University, Fresno
was founded as Fresno State Normal School in 1911, became a teacher's college in 1921, and has offered advanced degrees since 1949. The university's popular nickname is "Fresno State." Our mascot is the Bulldog. Fresno State is 1 of 23 campuses in The California State University system. CAMPUS: www.fresnostate.eduNEWS:
# # #

Friday, April 18, 2014

More Spring Fling Details...

Just booked the Bounce House for Spring Fling next Saturday! Plus our first annual Photo Project..."Pictures Of You"... Starbucks...Taco Vendor... Baseball Demonstration...Live Entertainment...Health Vendors...Retail Vendors...Raffle Prizes and Giveaways...and much more! This is a FREE event

SATURDAY APRIL 26TH 11AM-3PM - Fresno LGBT Community Center
1055 N Van Ness Avenue Suite A Fresno, CA  93728  559-325-4429

Transgender Clothing Exchange


Study Seeks Fresno Participants

Dear Fresno LGBT Community Center Member,

We are inviting you to participant in a research study for a clinical psychology student’s doctoral dissertation at Walden University, conducted by Joseph Claybaugh.  The dissertation study is entitled “The Relationship between Level of Religiosity during Childhood and Suicidal Ideation in Gay Males.”  The aim of the study is to determine if there is any relationship between levels of a gay male’s religious beliefs and the extremely high numbers of gay males who contemplate suicide each year, which is substantially higher than in heterosexual males.

The survey will take about 15 minutes to complete.  If you choose to participate in this study or want more information, please click on the link to Survey Monkey, below, and read the consent form, which should be the first page you see.  You must identify as a gay male and be at least 18 years of age in order to participate.  If you so desire, there is a small “thank you” for your participation in the form of a t-shirt, which is further explained in the consent form.

Please note that your participation is entirely voluntary and you are welcome to withdraw your participation at any time during the survey.  You are not obligated to complete the surveys if at any time you feel uncomfortable with the questions.  This survey is completely anonymous.  If you would like a printed t-shirt as a “thank you,” you can provide any address you wish; your name will not be necessary.  The package can be sent to “General Delivery.” (There is further information about this on the Informed Consent Form, or you can e-mail for the information.)


Joseph Claybaugh

CDPH Recommends Meningococcal Vaccine

CDPH Recommends Meningococcal Vaccine for Some Men Who Have Sex with Men
By California Department of Public Health
The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) is recommending that health care providers discuss the benefits of meningococcal vaccine with men who have sex with men (MSM) who are planning to visit Los Angeles County or other locations where they anticipate having close or intimate contact with multiple persons, including close contact at venues such as bars, clubs and parties. Vaccination is recommended at least two weeks prior to potential exposure.
Four MSM have been diagnosed with invasive meningococcal disease (IMD) in Los Angeles County this year. Three of the men were HIV-infected and three died. All four were infected with a vaccine-preventable serogroup of meningococcal bacteria.
Public health departments in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Diego and San Francisco counties have issued guidance on meningococcal vaccination for MSM.
IMD clusters among MSM have also been reported in the past year in New York City and some European cities. MSM who are planning to travel to those locations should also consider vaccination, depending on their anticipated activities during travel.
Meningococcal bacteria are transmitted by respiratory secretions or aerosols through close or intimate contact. HIV-infection or exposure to tobacco, marijuana or illegal drugs increases the risk of IMD.
Even if diagnosed early and treated with antibiotics, invasive meningococcal disease can still result in death, loss of limbs or permanent brain damage. Symptoms of infection usually occur within three to seven days of exposure. Most persons who are exposed to the bacteria do not develop IMD, although they may carry the bacteria in the back of their nose and throat for a period of time and transmit it to others.
Contact: Anita Gore, Heather Bourbeau (916) 440-7259 
Should you get the meningococcal vaccine?
By San Diego Gay & Lesbian News
Although there are zero cases of invasive meningococcal disease (IMD) in San Diego County, local health officials are putting out the word about the potential benefits of getting vaccinated especially if you plan to attend White Party Palm Springs or visit Los Angeles or New York City where a number of IMD-related deaths have occurred.
Meningococcal vaccine should ideally be administered at least two weeks before travel. White Party Palm Springs is scheduled from April 25 through April 28.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):
Meningococcal disease can refer to any illness that is caused by the type of bacteria called Neisseria meningitides, also known as meningococcus [muh-ning-goh-KOK-us]. The illness most people are familiar with is meningococcal meningitis, which people sometimes just call meningitis. This usually means the lining of the brain and spinal cord have become infected with these bacteria. But these bacteria can also cause other severe illnesses, like bloodstream infections (bacteremia or septicemia).
Meningococcus bacteria are spread through the exchange of respiratory and throat secretions like spit (e.g., by living in close quarters, kissing). Although it can be very serious, meningococcal disease can be treated with antibiotics that prevent severe illness and reduce the spread of infection from person to person. Quick medical attention is extremely important if meningococcal disease is suspected. Keeping up to date with recommended vaccines is the best defense against meningococcal disease. Maintaining healthy habits, like getting plenty of rest and not coming into close contact with people who are sick, can also help.
San Diego County health officials said they are following the recommendations of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (LAC DPH), which were made in consultation with the CDC and the California Department of Public Health.
LA County has confirmed eight IMD cases since Jan. 1, 2014. Four cases involved men who have sex with men (MSM), three of whom were HIV-positive.
Three of the eight people died, all MSM, including two who were HIV-positive.
Three MSM cases reported residence in or socializing around the West Hollywood and North Hollywood areas. Three MSM cases were between the ages of 27 and 28 and one was age 50.
Three MSM cases were caused by Neisseria meningitides serogroup C and the other MSM case was caused by serogroup Y.
After consultation with the CDC and the California Department of Public Health, LAC DPH recommends the meningococcal conjugate vaccine (MCV4) for the following groups:
• All HIV-positive MSM
• All MSM, regardless of HIV status, who regularly have close or intimate contact with multiple partners, or who seek partners through the use of a digital applications (“apps”), particularly those who share cigarettes, marijuana or use illegal drugs
HIV-positive individuals are recommended to receive a two-dose primary series of the MCV4 vaccine two months apart to improve the initial immune response to vaccination. Those who have no health insurance may be referred to the network of community clinics in the county, and may call 211 for further assistance in getting linked to vaccination services.
Information about IMD may be found at the CDC meningococcal disease website.
Questions may also be directed to the County of San Diego Health & Human Service Agency Public Health Services Epidemiology Program at 619-692-8499.

Monday, April 14, 2014

RuPaul's Drag Race Gives Up Controversial Words

The producers at RuPaul’s Drag Race have decided to edit their show due to the current controversy over such terms as “She-Male” that have been used on the show for years. Recently the show has been flooded with complaints about use of offensive words such as “tranny” and the show is now responding.

We wanted to thank the community for sharing their concerns around a recent segment and the use of the term 'she-mail' on Drag Race. Logo has pulled the episode from all of our platforms and that challenge will not appear again. Furthermore, we are removing the 'You've got she-mail' intro from new episodes of the series. We did not intend to cause any offense, but in retrospect we realize that it was insensitive. We sincerely apologize.

UU Church of Fresno Welcomes Gay Central Valley

Gay Central Valley would like to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU to the Unitarian Universalist Church of Fresno. On Sunday, the UU church invited us to participate in their Sunday service, “Exploring My Identity”. 

Chris Jarvis, President of Gay Central Valley attended the service with his husband, James Hensley, and spoke briefly about the mission of Gay Central Valley and the Fresno LGBT Community Center. Donations from those in attendance on Sunday will be donated to Gay Central Valley.

The program of the day, highlighting youth attending the church, was moving and inspiring. Several members of the youth group spoke personally to the congregation about who they are, their feelings and experiences. LGBT issues were prevalent in the conversations, as well as social justice and reflections on science and religion, including many speaking about their positions as atheists. 

Unique spoken reflections and closing words from the film “The Breakfast Club” said volumes about how these young people feel and struggle with who they are. A moving performance by Stefani Germanotta of “Born This Way” closed the service.

We can’t stress enough how confirming the UU Church is. Everyone is welcome, including those with and without a faith base. This church is clearly about community rather than ideology.

Gay Central Valley is proud to be working with the UU Church again this year, for the third year in a row, to bring high quality, LGBT based theater to Fresno. We will once again partner with the New Conservatory Theater Center of San Francisco.

On May 3rd, “Standing On Ceremony” will be staged at the church, with all proceeds benefitting Gay Central Valley and the Fresno LGBT Community Center. After the play there will be a free wedding reception with complimentary wedding cake and champagne.

Please visit THIS LINK to learn more about the event and to purchase tickets.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

2014 Fresno Rainbow Pride Parade & Festival Details

Theme & Logo
Community Link has chosen the theme and logo for Fresno Rainbow Pride Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Parade and Festival in 2014.
The theme is "LIVE and LOVE PROUDLY"!

Congratulations to Kirk Caldwell on the winning design!

2014 Meetings
Our meetings take place every Wednesday until June 4th.
All meetings start at 6pm and are conducted at Tacos Marquitos, 1772 E Barstow Ave, Fresno, CA.
Open to all, all are welcome!

Fresno Rainbow Pride needs some help to help plan, create, celebrate and have some fun putting together this year’s LGBT Pride Padare and Festival.

Volunteering has a huge impact of the quality and success of the annual LGBTQ Pride parade and festival. Fresno Rainbow Pride depends on volunteers just like you!

Why you should volunteer:
- Meet new people.
- Work with old friends.
- Get a special Pride staff T-Shirt.
- Free admission to the festival.
- Feel good about yourself.
- It's a great way to give back to the community.
- You get to meet lots of great people, many who you have never met before.
- You gain valuable experience being part of a high-profile project.

Interns should contact us by submitting a letter of interest via email at
How to volunteer to be day-of-the -event staff? Go to our website and clink on the Volunteer button and submit your registration form!

Pride is on June 7, 2014 and we need to fill roughly 50 volunteer positions by then. Volunteering for Pride is easy! It only requires couple hours on the day of the event and, by doing so, get your free admission and a Pride 2014 T-shirt! Sounds easy? You bet! Get your friends together and sign up today!

The application is straightforward. Simply provide your contact information, T- shirt size, and you're good to go! We will then contact you to sign up for an orientation in late May. At this orientation, you will learn more about the event, your job and what to expect June 7th.

Thank you for considering volunteering for Fresno Rainbow Pride 2014! Fresno Rainbow Pride is Community Link’s largest volunteer opportunity of the year and is a great way for you to give back to your community and make new friends.

Community Link's Involvement in Pride
Arguably the largest event of the year, and certainly one requiring year-long preparations is our Fresno Rainbow Pride. Community Link formally took over organizing the Fresno GLBT Pride Parade and Festival in 2003. The renamed committee, Fresno Rainbow Pride, has worked hard on bringing back the excitement and integrity of this very important cultural event.

Community Link was a major player in founding GLBT Pride in 1991, and during that first year 8 out of the 12 organizers were Community Link Board members. Fresno Rainbow Pride has since grown into a regional event drawing people from all over the Valley to celebrate the contributions of the GLBT community. Expecting over 3,000 people to attend each year's GLBT Pride, this is the largest one-day GLBT event in the Valley.