Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Journey of a King

On March 3, 2014 local ATown Drag King took flight to compete for National Mister US of A Male Impersonator.
 Only seven months into drag ATown saw a flyer to compete for Mister California pageant and jumped at the chance to audition. “I wanted to experience it first hand in order to give myself an opportunity to grow as a king and learn about the US of A pageantry system,” ATown knew she could learn a lot. Competing in Long Beach on November 30, 2013 ATown took 1st Alternate Mister California.
Qualifying for Nationals in Nashville, Tennesse was like a dream come true for ATown.  “I learned so much in the Mister California pageant, and I listened to each critique my judges gave me and that’s what I brought to them at nationals.”
The pageants consist of three categories: interview, talent, and creative evening wear. For the talent portion ATown reached out to a local Faux Queen, Ivanna B. Strange to bring the judges something they had never seen before. “I felt like I was in a dream by making it this far, and at the end of my mix, the song was "Pursuit of Hapiness" by Kid Kudi and Steve Aoki. Because once I "woke up" from my dream I was then on the pursuit of happiness and that's when I busted out with my poi/light show.” 

ATown's customized the evening wear in flames, stars and guitars. Adding some glam with gold studs, spikes and topaz glass stones.

Overall placing sixth against the best of the best in the nation with two to four performers from each participating state. There was 24 contestants from her section ages 21 to 32.

ATown’s favorite part was the relationships made. They were competitors on paper but brothers in each other’s heart. “There to help each other grow and it is amazing how much of a relationship you build with someone who was a complete stranger to you and never knew existed before all of this,” ATown has built lifelong friendships from her experience all over the nation. 
Unsure about competing again next year she takes with her memories that will last a life time and looks forward to the birth of her new drag son. 

To find more pictures and information on ATown feel free to join her facebook page for upcoming performances. ATown Drag King FB Page


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