Monday, February 3, 2014

Mystique Medical Spa

Written by Kayleia Southard for Gay Central Valley 

I'm going to preface this with saying that I have just about the worst skin care routine out there, none. Luckily I take off the little make up I wear on occasion at night but other than that, I just try to not touch my face. 

When I showed up to mystique I was ready for the lecture I've gotten every time I've been anywhere near a spa. "Here are the 50 products you need to use daily in just this precise order to have flawless skin, nothing else will do!" Is what I was expecting for Mystique. I was pleasantly surprised with the answer when they were informed of my nonexistent skin care routine. Just a simple "well, that's better than putting something terrible on your skin".

The esthetician who performed my facial was quite knowledgeable as the science nerd in me prodded her about every chemical that went on my face and the intended reaction. There was a reason for everything and she was actively thinking about my skin type and what it needed before selecting products. Due to being a fully-fledged medical spa with all of their staff being licensed in their trade, they were able to use products that were stronger and thus the results are supposed to last an entire skin cycle. It was quite impressive and it makes sense that she books her appointments quickly.

While I only went in for a facial and to talk to the staff, it was interesting to see the other products they offer. They have a wide range of laser treatments (acne treatments, hair removal, tattoo removal, skin tightening), Vella shape which is a body contouring process, Botox and other spa treatments. All of these treatments come with a free consultation with their nurse to make sure you are medically cleared for the procedure.

I went on a little tour of the office and talked to the staff about lgbt clientele and all of them were very positive about topics. They don't have a gender for any of their treatments and any medical records access is whomever you give clearance. 

Overall, it is a impressive little medical spa that is quickly expanding. They are actively talking with contractors to expand their spa in the coming years and would love to see you drop by. They have a free spa night on March 20th where they will have local radio stations, food, drink and discounted treatments. It could be a great way to see if Mystique is the spa for you.

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