Friday, January 10, 2014

SPONSOR: Mystique Medical Spa

Please take a moment to visit the website for our latest sponsor, MYSTIQUE MEDICAL SPA

At Mystique Medical Spa our goal is to make you feel beautiful and confident.  We offer all of the latest and most advanced Medical Spa Services with a highly-training and experienced staff to give you the best service and advice.  If your goal is too look younger, feel healthier, improve your "glow" or simply slow down the aging process, it all starts with your complimentary consultation with our staff. Learn more about our Medical Spa Services and special offers, then give us a call at 447-LASER (5273).

ILLEGAL Botox®! This is happening right here in Fresno and Mystique Medical Spa is the only medical spa talking about it. If you or a friend uses Botox® and are purchasing it elsewhere please read this article and call us with any questions. Click here for the Illegal Botox® article.

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