Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Bulldog Pride Fund Scholars

We are the
Bulldog Pride Fund

Our days, nights, weekends and holidays are spent studying.
We tirelessly prepare for midterms. Then finals.
Pushing our brains to the mental extreme is a common occurrence.
We read. We write. We arithmetic. Then start all over again.

As a small, diverse group of students, we stand tall and reach high to grasp our dreams.
Many of us the first in our family to attend university.

When our educational journey comes to a close.
It’s a moment to pause and reflect.
And to thank those that have helped us attain our only goal:
To graduate from Fresno State.

Our backgrounds are varied, but together we have a unified purpose.
The Latin phrase – “Bonus Intra. Melior Exi” – is our mantra. And our promise.

We are the Bulldog Pride Fund Scholars.
And we are grateful to you for making a difference.
In our hearts. In our minds. In our lives.
Thank you for making an investment in our future.

# # #

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