Thursday, November 7, 2013

Documentary Casting Call

My name is Serita Wesley; I am a casting director working with Cineflix Productions ( to cast a new documentary series based on complex pregnancies.  Pregnancy is the most rewarding and challenging time of any person’s life.  However, if that individual happens to be a female-to-male transgendered person; it can be a unique and different experience physically and emotionally.  We are looking to document this experience.
We are now looking to speak with those individuals who are dealing with non-typical pregnancy situations. This is not a series to make light of the complex pregnancy, or to showboat transgendered persons.  The series will go on this life-altering journey with the expectant individual, through ups and downs. We will be using the series to educate the masses and perhaps inspire others who feel their lifestyle could keep them from creating a life.
Contact Serita directly at, if interested.  Please do not hesitate to contact her with questions.

Serita Wesley
Casting for Television & Film
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