Monday, October 28, 2013

Gay Artist To Lose His Virginity During Live Performance

gay artist losing his virginity during live performance - gay guys photos

In a move that again raises the question of "what is art?" The Gay Guys are reporting the following...

19-year old art student Clayton Pettet is stirring controversy both in the art world and in London’s LGBT community, and he doesn’t seem to be apologizing. On January 25, 2014 Pettet plans to have gay sex in front of a crowd of up to 100 people and lose his virginity.

What do you think? Art? Good art? Bad art? Not art at all?

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  1. The essence of art is human agency- the ability to make a conscious choice and take conscious action based on that choice. He certainly achieves that. But human agency also requires a particular skill, an expression of thought or experience, pattern-making, point of view, and an impact on others to be judged as art. Will his exhibit include those things as well? I cannot say.

    We also tend to judge art on its desired function and how well it achieves it. What is the artist trying to communicate through this exhibit? Aesthetic pleasure? A particular idea? Entertainment? Without an idea to communicate it may be less "exhibit" and more "exhibitionism". But not knowing where he's coming from with the concept or seeing the work itself, I am not sure we can judge.


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