Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Movie Review: Romeos

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In My Own Words... A Movie Review of "Romeos" by Mark G.

"Romeos" tells the story of two boys: Lukas, a pre-op transmale struggling to define himself in a world he feels has rejected him, and Fabio, a strong gay male who embodies the person Lukas wants to be. When Fabio finds himself inexplicably drawn to Lukas the resulting story, set in Cologne, Germany, empathetically conveys the social challenges that transgenders face in both the straight and gay communities. Symbolism is used in a somewhat predictable manner that does not diminish its message: that self-acceptance is the first step in any interpersonal relationship. Both characters grow towards the inexorable revelation that all boundaries are self-imposed, in a heart-wrenching way that leaves you sympathizing with neither but wishing the best for both.

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