Friday, August 23, 2013

In My Own Words... Rainbow Security

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In My Own Words... Rainbow Security
Kayleia Southard.

I recently went under the knife for a relatively simple outpatient procedure. When I was reading through the paperwork it said to bring something that was a security blanket of sorts, that way you wouldn't just be in a new place and with nothing that was familiar when you woke up. 

Once I was in the prep area it was going through the motions. Remove everything and get dressed in an unattractive gown. Thankfully, they were all out of the bright pink hair coverings and I got to have a neon green one. And of course, to top off the ensemble, teal socks with puppy paw grips on the bottom. It was probably one of my better looks. 

They had let me keep on my rainbow delegation wristband as it wasn't metal. It was soon discovered, however, that it was going to be in the way of all of my IVs and it was suggested that I should probably take it off. 

A slight panic set in. This was my security blanket and I hadn't even realized it. 

My mom was reassuring me that it would be safe and I would be able to have it again as soon as I came out of anesthesia but I was still starting to panic. 

"Can I put it on the other wrist?" 

It was a simple request and the nurse excitedly agreed. She explained all the dangers that it might get blood on it. It might have to be cut off if another line had to be put in. But all in all she let me slip it on the other wrist and keep my Rainbow Delegation pride on. 

I got to talk to various nurses when I woke up who asked about the bracelet. They had nieces, sons and grandchildren who were gay and had trouble coming out. I got called strong and brave as well as plenty of promises to check out the website and order one themselves. 

My mom, however, was resigned to calling me stubborn for keeping it on and risking losing it. 

I'm happy with both conclusions.


Rainbow Delegation Bracelets are available for free at the Fresno LGBT Community Center. You can also purchase them online through the Rainbow Delegation website.

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