Wednesday, July 24, 2013

EVENT: LGBT Forum in Merced

This FREE forum will focus on the vital role of families and the community in preventing suicide and other risks, and in supporting the health and well-being of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender YOUTH.
Nationally acclaimed speaker Caitlin Ryan (Ph.D., ACSW) will share new research showing that families have a dramatic influence on their LGBT children's health, mental health, and well-being This research shows that FAMILY ACCEPTANCE protects against risk and helps promote well-being while family rejection is related to serious health and mental health concerns in adulthood including depression, suicidal behavior, substance abuse, and STD's. The booklet SUPPORTIVE FAMILIES, HEALTHY CHILDREN will be provided.
A diverse local panel will speak to the importance of community support and share about the resources that are available to LGBT youth and their families.
Learn MORE about Dr. Ryan's work at the FAMILY ACCEPTANCE PROJECT website:
PLEASE REGISTER NOW...!!! (Light Dinner WILL be provided)
call : Jeremy Jenkins / (209) 230-3156 Andrea Cano / (323) 247-2099 Marilyn Mochel / (209) 617-4651 Marissa Chavez / Jordan Cowman/ (209) 383-4242

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