Friday, June 7, 2013

VIDEO: Porterville City Council Meeting - LGBT Pride Month

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This is not an easy video to watch. It's not easy because we can become complacent about how far we think things have come and then we're met full force with what so many people think in the Central Valley of the LGBT Community. It's hard to face this from people who live around us and more importantly, who know that we live around them. Still, the mayor of Porterville, Virginia Gurrola stood up in the face of all this hatred and bigotry and proclaimed June to be LGBT Pride Month. It's no surprise that God and the Bible are the main forces of opposition here. Please take the time to send the mayor of Porterville a THANK YOU for standing up to prejudice and bigotry. I'm not sure what happened the separation of church and state, but, well, you'll see...

City Council 6-4-2013 LBGT Proclamation by Mayor Gurrola from on Vimeo.

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