Monday, June 24, 2013

UGA LGBTQ Smoking Research Study

If you are LGBTQ, you smoke cigarettes, or have ever smoked, this is the survey for you!  This 10-25 minute online survey is confidential and anonymous. Simply click the link below, read the informed consent letter at the beginning of the survey, and get started!
As a thank-you for participating in the research study, you can enter the optional drawing for a one of five iPod Shuffles. Each participant in the drawing has an equal chance of receiving an iPod Shuffle.
Click this link to take the survey
Please take the survey only once. It closes July 10th, so hop to it!

Survey participation is not required to enter the iPod drawing. If you would like to enter the drawing without taking the survey, go here:

Thank you very much. Please forward this information to anyone you think would be interested in taking the survey.

Jessie A. Barnett
Who am I? My name is Jessie Barnett and I am a graduate student under the direction of Dr. Jessica Muilenburg in the College of Public Health at The University of Georgia.  

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