Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Porterville Controversy HEATS UP

After the horrendous and bigoted speeches made last week at the Porterville City Council Meeting in response to the Mayor’s Proclamation of June 2013 as LGBT Pride month comes the next blow…

NOW they are attempting to rescind the Mayor’s decision completely, trying to REVERSE her right to make a declaration which she feels represents the US Constitution…in other words, FAIR AND EQUAL treatment of all people. 

If you haven’t watched video from the meeting at which the proclamation was declared, you can see it in our previous posting HERE
As for what’s happening now, you can get more information from the LGBT Community in Porterville by visiting  Gay Porterville
From Gay Porterville, Melissa McMurrey says this…

Tonight at the City Council meeting there was a motion to vote in a last minute agenda item for the next Tuesday’s City Council meeting June 18th.
That agenda item is to rescind the proclamation that we the LGBTQ community received just last Tuesday. Pending the City Attorney’s counsel on whether the City Council has the authority to vote on the recall of the proclamation or not.
Please go to to join our email list on further action being taken and any updates. 
Melissa McMurrey  559-791-8699

Stay tuned for more developments and plan to attend the meeting in Porterville on Tuesday, June 18th to voice support for the LGBT Community and the brave Mayor of Porterville.

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