Wednesday, June 19, 2013

MEETING: Interweave - The Lavendar Convention

Event:  Planning Meeting for The Lavender Convention

When:  June 22nd, Saturday

Time:  7:00 PM  Interweave Meeting

Where:  Unitarian Universalist Church 2672 E. Alluvial Avenue, Fresno, California

Interweave is the UU Churches LGBT Contingent.  We, as a group, would like to work on building an Interfaith Coalition with other congregations.  Interweave normally meets on the Fourth Saturday at 7:00 (at the church in the building to the West side of the main Sanctuary).  For our meeting this Saturday we are trying to get as many people from other churches to come together so that we can begin the planning for The Lavender Convention.  The shape of this convention has not been determined but our thoughts were simply that Fresno is ready for this sort of thing.  We discussed perhaps having Ministers from different welcoming congregations sit on a panel to discuss the process their congregation went through to become one that welcomes LGBT people.  This would provide space for other congregations and members of other religious organizations who aren't there yet to learn and grow.  It will also provide an opportunity for LGBT folks in the community to hear all different perspectives on "faith". 
We believe that we find Spirituality, in part, through connection and we invite you to join us.  You do not have to be formally religious or you can belong to a group that expresses spirituality differently.  We are firmly committed to inclusion.

If you don't know anyone you will have new friends waiting to meet you.

Spread the word and join us on the journey.

Your friends,

Michael Young and Lisa Lindsay Tab Worship / LGBT or

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