Friday, June 14, 2013

Fresno Day Of Decision


On June 17th or June 24th, we expect the US Supreme Court will decide the status of Proposition 8 and the defense of marriage act (DOMA).  The evening the decision is read, rallies and events will be held across the nation.  The evening's action is entitled “Day of Decision.” Fresno’s community rally will be held outside of the Fresno City Hall at 2600 Fresno St  Fresno, CA 93721 at 6 PM.

Because this is such a historic moment, we ask all organizations that stand for equality to sign on as co-sponsors of the event.  We ask you to help spread the word about the event to your memberships, groups, and congregations through your newsletters, message boards, blogs, websites, text messages or social networking sites.  If your group has another creative way that they would like to help make this an impactful event we are always open to suggestions from your organization and the community.

There is a great and beautiful diversity in our many organizations.  It is the power of our diverse people and organizations working together that will lead us to full equality.
To list your organization as a cosponsor, please respond quickly so that we may include your organization’s name, logo and/or website on any event materials/site.

How can you help?
#1 Share information about the event to your members (we can provide a flyer)
#2 Attend the event and bring as many people as possible with you
#3 Volunteer for event setup/tear down and day-of logistics
#4 Any  assistance with event costs.  Renting City Hall plaza will cost our organization over $425
#5 Tabling at the event

Love and Hope,

Jason Scott
Fresno County Chapter Leader
Marriage Equality USA is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization

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