Tuesday, May 28, 2013

EVENT: The Lovebirds Perform in Fresno THIS WEDNESDAY

The Lovebirds will be performing in Fresno, this week at the Fresno Brewing Company on Wednesday May 29th at 7PM.

2 lesbians that sound like 2 grandpas, which is why our fans run the gamut from lesbians to grandpas. Looking for the UK band The Lovebirds? Check out www.facebook.com/thelovebirds or www.thelovebirds.net

No comment. Or, get us drunk and we'll tell you the whole story.

Two real-life lovebirds singing their hearts out.

Band Interests
Chocolate (pronounced in British accent)

Artists We Also Like
Gregory Page, Jeffrey Joe, Steph Johnson, Tori Roze, Allegra Barley, Cathryn Beeks, and lots of others

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