Saturday, May 11, 2013

Cultural Compentency Training

Written by Michele Nastasis
It was my pleasure to be a part,of a training today, with Gay Central Valley President Chris Jarvis, for prospective foster parents at the United Way offices on Kings Canyon Rd.
Today's event was sponsored by the California Youth Coalition as part of educating prospective for parents about LGBT issues. 

Included in our presentation was an exercise about what its like to be IN the LGBT community and the coming out process. This exercise produced an extremely wide variety of reactions from the group. After the exercise was completed, Chris and I answered many questions about the LGBT community and some of the issues we deal with and have dealt with in our lives since coming out. Some of the questions ranged from "what is gender identity?" to questions about our respective partners. Chris and I answered questions for approximately 45 minutes. 

There were 2 simultaneous seminars being held today. One in English and another hosted by Leon Velasco of the LGBT Center staff entirely in Spanish. These types of seminars and trainings are a vital part of what we do here at Gay Central Valley and the Fresno LGBT Community Center

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